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Title: Re: Nytt forumspråk
Post by: Tilman SM0JZT on 2009-12-10, 16:52:12
So then lets make this in English then.

We are fairlu close to the new year 2010. I´m very pleased that SM2O and team has taken the time
to develop the RRC.

Yesterday I finally managed to wrap up a test with a pair of RRC with my TS-480 rig and a borrowed ( PA (EXPERT 1K-FA).

I managed to control the PA with the Console software at the user end via the COM1 serial link.
To that I paralelled control of the rig with Ham Radio Deluxe via COM2.

Quality and robustness very pleasing after having ironed out details with cables and software settings.

Again !!!
A big thank you to SM2O Mikael and team.