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Title: No 9V
Post by: ei6al on 2010-03-19, 16:05:29
Hi all,
Took delivery new units yesterday, for remote operation of Kenwood TS480.  Another ham in EI took delivery of another two units on same day.  We both have the same problem - no 9V on pin two of cable for control head.  Cable double checked and correct.  Checked at TTL terminal on 1258 (the correct unit, the one with CW control), no 9V.  Everything else appears on, PWR light normal operation, 12V supply ok.  Control head operates fine when connected direct to transceiver.  Are we both missing something basic, or is there maybe a problem that others have found in the new MK2 batch of units?
Any help much appreciated...
73   Dave EI6AL
Title: Re: No 9V
Post by: e72x on 2010-03-20, 23:38:33

I received my units before two days everything works well on ts-480 here...

73, e72x - Gordan

P.S. Please check again on control side jumper 2 must be disconnected, it is for 9v. use control panel...but if it is everything O.K with hardware  with jumper 2. "connected"  you will get 8v...

Title: Re: No 9V
Post by: ei6al on 2010-03-21, 11:17:44
Thanks for reply Gordan.  When you connected to control head, were you able to switch on and get power to control head, or was it necessary to have two RRC units set up with transceiver connected to radio RRC before control head would come live when switched on?  I know we are missing something very simple here as control head switches on fine when connected direct to transceiver. 
Thanks for your help
Title: Re: No 9V
Post by: ei6al on 2010-03-21, 17:49:13
Re the lack of 9V on pin 2.  The measured voltage on the pins at 6-pol into the control head as follows:
1   Ground
2   0.6V (fluctuating 0.2 to 0.6)
3   Ground
4   5V
5   4.9V
6   no volt  (150 ohm to ground approx)
The 9V appears on the pin at jumper 2, but not at the cable.

If the 6-pol lead is connected to the 480 transceiver, these measurements are the same, with the exception that I now measure 9V on pin 2.  With a direct connection from 480 transceiver to control head, the control head works fine.
So I have a problem in the RCC in getting 9V at pin 2.   Any suggestions? 
Title: Re: No 9V
Post by: sm2o on 2010-03-21, 18:29:36

Are you sure that you have set Program mode= 5 - TS-480. Then 8 or 9V ( depending on JMP2) should always appear on pin 2 in the TTL connector. If your RRC is set an other mode there will not be any 9V until the connection is already up.

73 de mike
Title: Re: No 9V
Post by: e72x on 2010-03-21, 18:35:43
I do not have schematic diagram of this units so it is little complicate to answer correctly  but for my opinion you will get +9v only is everything is OK with SIP. connection. That mean that you mast check configuration on radio side unit... I can not tun on front panel head if other side not ready..

Please check what status show green power led and AUX/MIC port leds?


e72x - Gordan
Title: Re: No 9V
Post by: sm2o on 2010-03-21, 18:44:25
In TS-480 mode it's always 9V there otherwise the control panel can not send the "power on" message (data message ) to the RRC or radio

73  de mike
Title: Re: No 9V
Post by: ei6al on 2010-03-22, 17:16:11
Many thanks for responses and advice...   it was a config problem, now sorted, and everything working fine.