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Title: Direct WiFi connection
Post by: w2pm on 2010-05-14, 02:58:57
Is it possible to connect to a remote radio using a direct Wifi connection and not via the Internet? I have seen various amateur applications using standard WiFi routers to establish a remote internet connection, however, in those situations they use Ham Radio Deluxe software and a PC at both ends, plus a connection to Skype to handle the audio. It appears this product has it's own VOIP for the audio but again, I want to go direct to the remote site with my own WiFi link. Also, I only want to remote the receive function - control the rig for received only and bring back audio over the link .. ???

Thank you -- Pete W2PM
Title: Re: Direct WiFi connection
Post by: sm2o on 2010-05-15, 15:31:02

Yes it's no problem to use an own WiFi link. I always recommend powerstation 5 from I have used them for years without problems, 50 km jumps is possible on 5 GHz. We have 16 km links in use with 30 dB margin

73 de mike