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Title: TS-2000 remote connection question
Post by: KA4JXT on 2010-05-29, 23:18:45
First let me say I am absolutely delighted with this wonderful equipment. 

Here's my question:  Everything works fine on my local network.  Everything works fine when connecting from other friend's homes over the internet.  I connected at a hotel while traveling by using a wireless bridge and a router/switch.  I used the bridge to access the wireless internet in the hotel.  The output of the bridge became the WAN input for the router/switch.  I cloned the laptop's MAC address in the router and connected my laptop to one of the ports to bring up the hotel's splash page.  I entered the hotel provided  accesss code and accessed the net without problem.  I then connected the RRC 1258 MkII to another port on my router/switch and everything worked perfectly. 

On another trip to different hotel I used the exact same configuration (bridge and routher/switch) but this time when I pressed the power button on the RC2000 I got receive audio coming back to me through the speaker but no display and no control over anything.  The only way to turn it off was to disconnect the power.   The only difference was the internet service provider/LAN difference between hotel A and hotel B. 

Does anyone have any suggestions how to overcome the issue at hotel B?  I plan on taking this remote on many business trips and would like for it to work constantly rather than not know until after I check in. 

Thanks for any suggestions. Bob
Title: Re: TS-2000 remote connection question
Post by: WQ0P on 2011-10-05, 23:26:53

Did you ever get this figured out?  I will be in the same situation soon.  My remoterigs will be here this week.
What wireless router are you using?

thanks Greg WQ0P
Title: Re: TS-2000 remote connection question
Post by: la3yna on 2011-10-06, 12:21:55
I guess the firewall at the hotel is blocking som ports for you.

Try to change ports (not SIP, that work). In worst case, you maybe need to use VPN directly to your home network.
Title: Re: TS-2000 remote connection question
Post by: g4swx on 2011-10-21, 13:24:52
This is almost certainly a firewall/routing issue with the hotel's internet access system. Whist they might have an open port for SIP they probably block inbound UDP on other many if not all other port numbers. As a thought you might try to use port 53 which is normaly reserved for DNS.
If not try to find a port No which the hotel network might let through. See
for some inspiration...

John G4SWX