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Title: strange and aggravating problem involving CW speed
Post by: K4FWJ on 2015-01-20, 20:06:39
The system:  radio K3/100 w/P3 and RRC,  control K3/0-mini w/RRC, ancillary 2K-FA plus ERC/PstRotator controlled by Lantronix server.  Logging: DXLab.  All works extraordinarily well except for one thing.  When the radio RRC COM1 and COM2 ports are connected, respectively, to the PC's usb->serial converter and the P3's "PC RS232" port, the CW WPM field in WinWarbler fails to display CW speed as set by the K3.  The WinWarbler CW speed field remains blank.  If a CW speed is manually entered in WinWarbler's CW speed field it will instantly be accepted by the K3, both visually and at the key.  Described, therefore, is a one-way street where CW speed between WinWarbler and K3 only goes WinWarbler-->K3 when it should work both ways, WinWarbler<-->K3.  If the COM1 and COM2 cables are removed from the radio's RRC and connected together, CW speed is sent both ways as it should be.  What I have described doesn't bother me.  What, then, does bother me?  Strangely, without input from me the K3's speed will suddenly change to exactly 15 WPM.  I will adjust the speed to 25 WPM and sometime later, for no apparent reason the speed will be exactly 15 WPM.  That is what bothers me.  It can be slightly embarrassing.  The described problem only occurs when not operating by remote control.  However, I have no interest in leaving the radio's RRC disconnected in order to solve this relatively minor problem.  If someone can help me solve this I will be forever grateful.  73, Art