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Title: 1216H dead ???
Post by: IZ3ENH on 2010-08-07, 19:54:10
Hi from Italy.
I have configured the web switch properly and then mounted on its place (it must deconnect the antennas when radio is not in use).
Then I reconnected the device, before installing on thd site and the computer do not recognize the device via USB
I checked some other PC and the same, do not recognize the USB device........ and also via ethernet nothing!
What appens ???
Is there a reset to try??
Only life is the green led at the side of micro usb connector blinking......
Stefano IZ3ENH
Title: Re: 1216H dead ???
Post by: ON4AOI on 2010-08-09, 19:26:58
Stefano when you made the changes did you fill in the serial number
this can be found inside the switch