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Title: More COM ports
Post by: on4iq on 2010-09-29, 08:16:41
For those looking to have some extra ethernet managed com ports,
 I need some extra COM and USB ports remotely handled:

- radio (serial)
- amp (serial)
- rotator 1 (serial)
- rotator 2 (serial)
- monstir (steppir) (serial)
- USB camera (usb)

I've found sofar:

Opengear CM4001-EU (2serials)
Lantronix Ubox 2100 2 port USB Device Server
silex SX1000 U USB Device Server
Advantech EKI-1522-AE 2 port RS-232/422/485
Advantech EKI-1524-AE, 4-port RS-232/422/485
OpenGear SD4002 Secure Dev Serv2port (RS232+232/422/485)
Moxa Nport 5210 2port RS232 Serial Device Server w/RJ45 Ports
Moxa Nport 5410 4port RS232 Serial Device Server w/DB9M Ports

Not all servers will work under xp/vista so you have to check.

I'd like to get feedback of people running one of the above.

I ordered Lantronix Ubox 4100 4 port USB Device Server

73 Johan
Title: Re: More COM ports
Post by: dj0qn on 2010-09-29, 09:58:47

Lantronix is considered the "gold standard". If you really want to be on the safe side,
I would order one of their products (expensive, but often good deals on Ebay).

Larry, N8LP, highly recommends these as well, and has had them in use for several
years. Looks at his web site for details:

He also has several software and hardware devices that may interest the group.
A summary is at

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX
Title: Re: More COM ports
Post by: dj4mz on 2010-09-29, 10:35:25
Hi Johan and Mitch,

personally I'm very interested in experiences in running a Microham MKII together with one of these USB-Device-Servers. Larry seems to only use the RS232-ETH converters. I will keep an eye on EBay....

One interesting question that just came up: What about the bandwidth required for these USB-Device-Servers? Do you constantly have the 12Mbps (plus overhead)?

vy 73, Simon (DJ4MZ)
Title: Re: More COM ports
Post by: on4iq on 2010-09-29, 13:38:36
Guess i'm lucky to have a broadband cable network with 30Mbps :-); so bandwidth is no issue.
I ordered my Lantronix in Germany last week, (still not received). The specs of the unit indicate that for
the kind of traffic there won't be a 12mbps stream needed.

Wonder if there will be a remoterig product with a USB port someday? easier to put a hub and usb-serial connector at the station side and get more com ports.

Title: Re: More COM ports
Post by: ON4AOI on 2010-09-29, 19:44:01
Like you know I use the MOXA NPORT 5210 and I am very pleased with it.
Runs on my XP - VISTA and W7 32/64bit systems even at the same time
(up to 4 connections at the same time can be setup.
BTW it was recommanded by a person we both know (MD) because MOXA
is very realible, I also tested out the DS203 by Tibbo and that one was much
slower (ping was 10 times higher) and certainly not the same quality.
Also VSCOM has simular products. I use serial and // bords from them in all
my systems and never had any problem.

Guy ON4AOI   
Title: Re: More COM ports
Post by: on4iq on 2010-10-07, 08:33:23
My UBOX4100 (Lantronix) just got in. I already succeded in remote controlling the microham USB III interface.
It offers rig control, ptt,cw,fsk. A nice addition to the RRC1288. I even managed to get the PMSDR running over the usb-ethernet server. Next is to test usb-serial adapters on the box :D
Title: Re: More COM ports
Post by: dj4mz on 2010-10-07, 09:07:13

sounds very promising  :)  Looking forward to the results of your future tests.

Can you please check what the bandwidth requirement was when remoting the USB III Interface? Thanks!

vy 73, Simon (DJ4MZ)