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Title: ICOM CI-V and HRD not working
Post by: KM2O on 2010-10-07, 21:45:09

I am attempting to remote an Icom 746 (non-Pro) through a 1258 Mk II.  I have been able to connect the units, getting audio out of the remote and PTT and transmit audio reaches the radio side.  I have HRD 5.0 on the (now local) remote PC and have thus far been unable to get an HRD connection through the Remoterig.
Com 1 from the PC is connected to Com 2 on the Control unit.  I have configured Com2 as 1-ICOM in the Radio settings as well as Mode 2- ICOM in the Serial settings.  The Control unit has the cable prepared from the TTL to the CI-V jack on the radio.

Any attempt to connect to the radio in HRD using the 746 setting fails.  What should I try next?

Title: Re: ICOM CI-V and HRD not working
Post by: DL5FAB on 2010-10-09, 18:01:22

I tried this configuration as well and it will not work. You need also to set-up the COM 2 port of the Controller in Mode-2 ICOM CI-V and use a V.24/TTL Converter. Having inastalled this, I can run them Control Panel and HRD in parallel.

Title: Re: ICOM CI-V and HRD not working
Post by: sm2o on 2010-10-10, 11:14:57

you do not need the interface. Just use a standard RS-232 cable from pc to RRC-com2 and a TTL cable from Radio-RRC TTL jack to radio ( as described in the maniual)

you should NOT activate Com2 in either end. Just use the radio settings. I have the 746 also and it works perfect.

73 de mike

Title: Re: ICOM CI-V and HRD not working
Post by: KM2O on 2010-12-03, 22:16:17
Hi Mike,

I had to leave the units unfinished for several weeks for a number of reasons but am now back at it.  I have made com 2 inactive on both ends as you suggested.  I still have audio and PTT communication between control and radio but absolutely no luck in getting the CI-V to talk to HRD.  I have checked and rechecked the cables for wiring issues and have also put a CI-V converter cable direct to the 746 to make sure the port is working on the radio.  I note that the status pages of both units do not agree. Control says radio is OFF.  Radio says radio is on.  SIP on both say "connected/transferring" with no errors. Output 0 on radio is low while on Control it is high.  I have read and re-read the manual and am now utterly stumped.

Title: Re: ICOM CI-V and HRD not working
Post by: sm2o on 2010-12-03, 23:37:57

email me exported settings from both units, so I can check the settings.

but before check that you have the same serial settings in all equipment. eg Radio, Radio-RRC, Control-RRC and HRD.

73 de mike
Title: Re: ICOM CI-V and HRD not working
Post by: CWS on 2011-01-13, 03:36:19
I am experiencing the same symptoms with my IC-7000 from HRD 5.0--cannot read the frequency to connect. I've checked and double checked the cable and settings. I'd appreciate any insights discovered.

Title: Re: ICOM CI-V and HRD not working
Post by: sm2o on 2011-01-13, 07:33:52

It's no probelm with HRD 5 and IC-7000. We have a IC-7000 at the lab. Email me exported settings from both units so I can check them

73 de  mike
Title: Re: ICOM CI-V and IC-9100
Post by: W1AGW on 2011-09-15, 20:36:12
Hi Mike,

I have been using a remote rig with my IC-2820H and Love It.

I just purchased another Remote Rig for use with an IC-9100 and the Icom software they recommend. 

I went through the set up at home and it worked fine on my local network. I moved the port settings up one from my original unit and both units connect without conflict.

Your instructions are not clear as for setting the COMM2. I first used ICOM CI-V, the audio was fine TX/RX and could key radio, but NO connection CI-V.

I changed the COMM2 settings to LOGICAL Parallel with COMM 0 and the CI-V and all others worked.  The problem that developed is the TX audio went apparently high level and sounds real bad.

I am at the remote end right now, almost 600 miles from the radio. The ICOM software will not let me reduce the mic gain remotely. All seemed to work OK when I had both units local.

I noticed on the Remote Rig info group you said not to utilize the COMM2 serial settings. If I go with just the radio setting the CI-V will not work.

Title: Re: ICOM CI-V and HRD not working
Post by: sm2o on 2011-09-15, 21:11:24
There is no connection between the serialport settings and the mic signal or mic settings, they are totally independent. So keep the setting where the CI-V works and check that you have not changed the codec input gain in the control-RRC by misstake.