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Post by: WH7CD on 2016-06-11, 19:52:40
Have a brand new system, all is working with the cable cut and just using the radio. The radio connects to RCC boxes and plays as advertised except I get no audio out of the ic-706 head. I jumper SP from the ic-706 to the SP on the RRC radio box and then on the controller box with the head I connect the speaker to the SP on the controller box and audio is there and good. With the newer controller without a jumper 4 should I expect to get audio out of the "phones" jack on the 706 head? It is not a big deal but I just want to know if something is wrong or that is the way it ?

Also, sometimes when turning power on the head I get 6 beeps then 12 beeps and the SIP does not connect. Is this an error code or what?