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Title: IPv6
Post by: W6BQZ on 2016-07-15, 05:01:09
Are the 1258 models compatible with IPv6?

All was well.  I was with Time Warner Cable.  IPv4.

Now I switched to AT&T and we suspect we have IPv6.  WhatsMyIP shows two addresses, one is IPv4, the other IPv6.

Are the 1258 models compatible with IPv6?

That is the big question.  My unit has worked wonderfully.  I have had it for two years.

So is my unit okay with IPv6?

Or, are the new 1258's designed to work with IPv6?

Ken - W6BQZ

Title: Re: IPv6
Post by: dj0qn on 2016-07-15, 05:05:59
Sorry to bring you the bad news, but no, it is not compatible.

There have been a lot of postings on this forum, just search for "IPv6" above. One posting that
I made is at

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX
Title: Re: IPv6
Post by: W6BQZ on 2016-07-15, 06:20:00
That's disheartening.

Are you making the new units so that they are compatible?  If so, I would like to buy one.

Ken - W6BQZ
Title: Re: IPv6
Post by: dj0qn on 2016-07-15, 06:57:53
This is all that I have read from Microbit so far:

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX
Title: Re: IPv6
Post by: sm2o on 2016-07-15, 09:17:13
Hi, we have updated other products with the same IP-stack to IPv6 and we have planned to do it with the Remoterig also this year, but so far Im not aware of any single case where a user has not been able to use IPv4 so we have not put it on the top of the to do list.

73 de mike
Title: Re: IPv6
Post by: W6BQZ on 2016-07-15, 15:24:33

Good to hear that  you are looking at updating 1258 to work with IPv6.  When you do will you show that on the purchase page?

Or, can I be on a waiting list for the IPv6 units?

To be a little more specific about our situation:

The cable companies, at least here, can deliver IPv4 when they have their cable coming directly to your house. That is the case with Time Warner.  But even they are rumbling about converting to IPv6, and that day is coming they say.  But they don't say when.  They just say it is.

The AT&T/Direct TV folks have just completed a campaign to deliver U-Verse and went hard sell door-to-door to lure the neighbors at a price few could turn down.  Even me.  And, their streaming video works amazingly well.  Laptops, Mac or PC, don't complain either.  So, most consumers won't care about 6 or 4 or ever know what that is, and that is more reason for the companies to go in that direction, with the capability of delivering unlimited IP address, even if they aren't the real deal.  Here is how they do it:

The way AT&T wires their system is to put their lines into a local box, down the street and around the corner 3 blocks away, and then that unit is the modem (but they won't admit it).  The further away from that street modem you are, the lower your speeds are.  So, from that modem it comes to the house "Fiber" and when it is in the house, it is in the form of a 75 ohm coax.  So you really don't know the difference.  However, that coax is connected inside the house (next to my computer) to a "Connected Home Adapter" which is about the size of a candy bar (fits in the palm of your hand, 4" x 2" x 1 ---   Model number:  Direct TV - DCAU1RO-01).  We are doing our diligence to determine if it is indeed IPv6 but it is looking that way.  (Many ham buddies say or think it is DSL, but my calls to AT&T have told me it is definitely not DSL).

The first clue that it is possibly 6 was the 1258 wouldn't hook up.

WhatsMyIp shows two addresses, one that looks like a regular IP address, and the other that looks like a MAC address.

I love the two years I have had my 1258 and rave about it to just about any ham I meet.  I am hoping that you can find a solution on your end while here on our end we might possibly have to go back to providers who are charging twice as much because they think they can.  I might have to have both AT&T and TW at an additional expense just to get the job done.

Okay, let me know how I can find out if and when IPv6 1258's are available because soon the Internet is going to be invaded by 6's and 4's might be harder to find.

Ken - W6BQZ - Carlsbad

Title: Re: IPv6
Post by: W6BQZ on 2016-07-15, 15:42:01
Excerpt from an article I found.  From 2010 (even then they were talking about IPv6):

IPv6 is the long-anticipated upgrade to the Internet's main communications protocol, which is known as IPv4. uses 32-bit addresses and can support 4.3 billion devices connected directly to the Internet. IPv6 , on the other hand, uses 128-bit addresses and supports a virtually unlimited number of devices 2 to the 128th power.

Less than 5% of IPv4 addresses are still available as of last week (remember this article was written 6 years ago), according to the regional Internet registries that allocate IPv4 and IPv6 address space to carriers. Experts predict that the registries will hand out the remaining IPv4 addresses by the end of 2011, leading to full-fledged IPv4 address depletion.

Once IPv4 addresses are depleted, ISPs must give their new customers IPv6 addresses or use carrier-grade network address translation (NAT) to share a single IPv4 address among multiple customers. Carrier-grade NAT is expected to result in slower performing, more costly and more complicated network services than native IPv6 services.

Title: Re: IPv6
Post by: sm2o on 2016-07-15, 17:26:49
When IPv6is implemented the new firmware will be published for download at the Remoterig website as usual.

Title: Re: IPv6
Post by: W6BQZ on 2016-07-15, 23:55:28
This sounds good, but I didn't understand it.

Are you saying that a firmware upgrade is all it will take?  And that when you have it ready we will be able to upload it?  And then it will work with IPv6?
Title: Re: IPv6
Post by: sm2o on 2016-07-16, 09:01:27
Yes It's only a firmware upgrade which needs when we have implemented IPv6

73 de mike
Title: Re: IPv6
Post by: W6BQZ on 2016-07-16, 19:41:19
Good to know.

Do you have (just a rough) estimate of the ETA / Timeframe?

Ken - W6BQZ
Title: Re: IPv6
Post by: Borch on 2016-07-26, 20:30:27
I need the IPv6 firmware upgrade.  My ATT ISP does not provide public IPv4 address.  I just complete a 6,000mile cross country trip in my RV and was not able to use Remote Rig.  Planning another trip in September.  It would be nice to have HF on the road, again.

Please keep me posted......  Burl,  AJ9Q
Title: Re: IPv6
Post by: VE3VEE on 2018-11-28, 20:13:33
Any update on a possible ETA for IPv6 compatibility?

Marvin VE3VEE