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Title: Fan control
Post by: vk3ga on 2016-12-08, 01:10:43
The on-line documentation is not the same as the product with regards to temperature control, and I am finding it hard to work out.

I want to use Relay 1 to control a fan. I have two temp sensors.

At the moment I have set the WebSwitch to “Difference Control (Fan/Heating)". I have sensor 1 on Bus A as “outside” and sensor 2 on Bus B as “inside”.

I want the fan to come on when “inside” is higher than “outside”.

How do I set this up?

Also, what do these do (they are not in the documentation)?:

Relay 1 maximum on temp.(5-99C)   
Relay 1 offset temp.(0=Off)

Many thanks,
Graham vk3ga

Model   HAM
Software   4.25
Hardware   3
Bootloader   1.12
Build   Mar 31 2016 15:11:16