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Title: ts480 and digi modes
Post by: ct1fjo on 2017-06-17, 01:37:19
hi all

im trying to put ts480 running digi modes with remoterig , but i can't put it working.

setup is:
at panel side:  CAT on COM2,
                        usb cable
                        audio plug in between sound card output and AUX/MIC input with PIN 3 and 4 connected.

at radio side: CAT on COM2 connected to the radio
                     RJ45 cable connected between AUX/MIC and MIC in the radio.

on RRC (panel side)  i have in IO settings, USB RTS as PTT, selected to COM2 ( in my case , com13)
on RRC (radio side) i have in IO settings , OUT2 mode as PTT

if i plug the microphone, it work's; if i work FSK, it work's.

when i tried to work another digi modes doesn't works; i tried to put PTT via radio command, and the radio goes TX'ing but no audio.

if i selected PTT via COM port (auxiliary USB com port) the radio don't TX.

i've tried several program with the same result.

any ideias? what i'm doing wrong?

best 73
Title: Re: ts480 and digi modes
Post by: W1UE on 2017-06-17, 14:28:15
1. Plug headphones into the soundcard instead of the audio cable that you are using.  Can you now hear the digital audio signal?  If not, you have a sound card/program setup problem.
2. Since the mic works, my take is that the radio side is wired correctly.
3. I'm not familiar with the TS480- is it in Upper Sideband, or is in a Digital mode?  Sometimes, when in a digital mode, the front mike panel jack (where your audio is being input) is disconnected, and the audio must be input through a rear panel jack.  You'll need to check your manual on that.  Or, if using a digital mode, try changing it to Upper Sideband to see if it now accepts audio.

Sounds to me that you are close to getting it working!

Dennis W1UE
Title: Re: ts480 and digi modes
Post by: ct1fjo on 2017-06-17, 23:10:59
Hi Dennis
thank's for your reply

yes, i have psk sound on soundcard, i've heard it....
the TS480 doens't have DIGI mode, like ICOM have USB-D; the radio stays on USB.

i can't put psk by mike connection, when i put PTT via CAT command, the radio TX, but no audio.
when i put PTT via USB (COM) the radio doens't TX.

i think that, when i put radio TX'ing by USB command, i solve the problem


Title: Re: ts480 and digi modes
Post by: N5NHJ (I8NHJ) on 2017-11-22, 02:27:43
Hi Nuno,
This is the same issue I have with my IC-7100.
I have posted a question on the RRC1258 Configuration board ( but no one replied from the support.
It seems the RTS to COM/PTT function doesn't work at all.
Maybe some hidden setup somewhere, but with no reply from them, there is nothing I can test anymore.

Title: Re: ts480 and digi modes
Post by: un3m on 2017-12-07, 11:10:05
Hi guys,

I had the same problem with my IC-7100 and get the answer from Mike SM2O:

" Try to set "RTP TX" = continously in the control RRC, as PTT over CI-V do not open the lf-channel, The RRC do not hear that command "

My problem had been sorted out and maybe this recommendation will help you as well?

Nick, UN3M
Title: Re: ts480 and digi modes
Post by: N5NHJ (I8NHJ) on 2017-12-18, 02:13:39
Hi Nick. Thank you for posting. It works indeed even if this is just a work around.
Unfortunately no words back from anyone about using DTR and RTS to keying the PTT.
Thanks again.