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Title: Wireless Remote Rig device
Post by: k7cf on 2011-01-16, 21:02:41
Now that I have the TS480 working, I went one step further. How to get rid of the LAN cable requirement. How can I go wireless?
Thanks to Netgear and their WNCE2001 wireless black box, I now can take my remote head of the TS480, the RRC control black box and have lunch at McDonalds or a Truckstop with an open WIFI and run remote.
The WNCE2001 costs about $60, and needs to be configured with a Lap top but once configured, the WNCE2001 allows WIFI link to the internet to my Remote part of the TS480 is located(where the antenna is). WOW
So, I can eat my Big Mac and Fries and check in with the boys on the local net. Or just go to the take out, sit in my car and check in as long as the WNCE2001 sees a WIFI wireless.
The WNCE2001 can be powered by USB if I want to plug it into my Lap Top, the 12 volts of my pickup would power the RRC.
The power supply of the WNCE2001 is 5Volts and probably draws less than 300 ma so my next step to be portable is to get a small lead or Gel 12 volt battery, use a dropping resistor (need to know the WNCE2001 current draw so I can determine the value of the resistor to drop the voltage from 12 volts to 5 volts) and then, I will be able to take my TS480 head, control RRC, Mic, Key, Netgear WNCE2001, and battery to a booth at McDonalds and wirelessly and NO AC required check into my nets while dipping my french fries in Ketchup. WOW ;D
Title: Re: Wireless Remote Rig device
Post by: k7cf on 2011-01-16, 21:12:39
When I say, the WNCE2001 has to be configured, it has to "Connect to the WIFI where you are physically located". You attach the WNCE2001 with the RJ45 cable to the Lap Top LAN port, open the explorer browser and the WNCE2001 menu comes up, searches for nearby WIFI and allows you to configure, simply, to be able to connect to the WIFI the WNCE2001 detected. If it is an Open WIFI, the WNCE2001 will detect that and if not, then it is restricted and requires the WEP password. In two minutes, the WNCE2001 is enabled to connect to the WIFI. Turn off the Lap Top, and connect the WNCE2001 RJ45 cable to the Control RRC and hit power on the TS480.
Talk away like being connected with a LAN cable. I see no loss of signal on the WIFI connection I have attached to.
Title: Re: Wireless Remote Rig device
Post by: KP4TR on 2011-01-17, 03:30:31
I have used remoterig wireless in 2 ways. The first is using a wireless bridge and I have 2 of the Linksys models. One is the older Linksys WET11 (Wireless B), and the other the newer CISCO/Linksys WET610 (Wireless N). These allow you to connect to any router. These are widely marketed for game consoles that don't have wireless built in.

The other is using a "wireless bridge" mode, which requires using 2 compatible routers, in my case the Netgear WNR2000 which I got on sale refurbished at Compusa for $20 (got 3 of them). This is how I operate at home, since I have a PC that has no wireless card, and 2 remote rigs. All 3 connect to the Netgear router, and in turn uses the bridge to my master router connected to the cable modem.