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Title: KUDOS to remoterig and forum it all works!!!!!!
Post by: w5rhr on 2018-03-05, 15:11:34
After some trepidation and kinks I finally have my RRC 1258 remotely controlling my FT 857 along with a 1216H controlling power to shack and rig and a 1216L controlling a Yaesu 450 rotor!

This equipment is really bulletproof!!! It survived my errors and still works , I must congratulate the makers of this equipment.

I had a few hurdles that were my doing.

1. when testing on my local LAN I had the DDNS address of the remote in the control fields Sip contact setting, instead of the local address, well it was timing out by going round trip,changing it to local fixed it. Changing it back to DDNS when remote was success

2 I had made a photocopy of the jumper straps page in black and white and one jumper color was washed out, I omitted it initially, went back to original webpage documentation and found it.

3. The 1216L did not show up on the find 1wire A buss scan but it wont from what I understand. Originally Cw and CCW buttons didnt work but I think it was a browser issue on a PC (not cellphone\)

So I am sitting here now at my desk at work listening to 40 meters!!!

I cannot say enough good about this company I will share on eham reviews and over the air!!!
Title: Re: KUDOS to remoterig and forum it all works!!!!!!
Post by: w5rhr on 2018-03-13, 18:24:45
I just ordered an AS 1289

so I will have complete remoterig system
the RRC-1258 MkII and factory cables
WebSwitch 1216H
rotor control 1216L
and now antenna switch