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Title: I fixed my latency problem!!!
Post by: w5rhr on 2018-03-07, 15:01:34
After fighting with an ft857 remote and my own errors I suceeded in them communicating, but I had audio latency and dropouts.Also the ft857 control would take several attempts to power up.

I fixed the problem.

My RRC was plugged into a 5 port switch, along with the webswitch and a weather computer, that was connected to a wifi  extender that had a network port on it.

last night I moved the switch with a temporary long cat 5 cable to my modem/router that has ethernet ports on it.

This morning success first time , I can now power up and down , no issues.

So I have other wifi devices in the house(cameras mostly) so I am sure it was a bottleneck at the wifi extender that chocked everything.
Title: Re: I fixed my latency problem!!!
Post by: partytyme on 2018-03-07, 22:40:39
every wifi extender cuts the speed in half  or so i have been told by the geeks lol