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Title: Feature Request
Post by: VK3ADE on 2011-01-27, 08:07:36
By in large PC Client works very well for me, it would however be nice to be able to set and view the status of the bits on the I/O port. Perhaps in a future release  :)
Title: Re: Feature Request
Post by: Jan (Microbit) on 2011-01-28, 14:42:06
Do you mean being able to control status signals like CTS/DSR etc?
Title: Re: Feature Request
Post by: VK3ADE on 2011-01-29, 04:24:49
Hi Jan

Well now that you mention it that would be nice, I have just tried a to control the remote RTS via a small program I wrote that connects to the Microbit Serial UDP Device that corresponds to COM1 at the remote/radio end. Raising RTS at the computer end does not appear on Com1 at the radio end. I was trying to remotely turn on an SPE amplifier but is seems you need a hardware box at each end, software would not do it.

My original request was to be able to read and write the pins on the I/O connector at the remote or radio end. I envisaged maybe a checkbox to activate OUT0,OUT1 and OUT2 and some psuedo LEDS IN0, IN1 and IN2, this would be on the panel of the computer application and would be very useful for controlling remote relays etc.

These are only wishes to add to your wish list, apart from this I am truly delighted with the audio quality and the 3 com ports available to control remote systems.

Title: Re: Feature Request
Post by: Jan (Microbit) on 2011-01-29, 05:32:04
Aha, now it's 100 percent clear what you mean, hehe! It's always nice to have some constructive feedback helping us improve our products. After all it is you, the customers, who often know best which needs there are  :)