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Title: Digital modes
Post by: M0UOO on 2019-04-21, 19:23:12
Hi Group,
I am currently running the remote rig system with the Icom 7300 and then the RRC micro 1258 unit on my laptop which works very well but have been trying to see if I can operate digital modes on the remote system.

First question is it possible as I could see anything in detail about operating digital over remote rig I am using the latest version of Ham Radio deluxe.
At present I can hear the digital noise, but the computer doesn’t seem to see it, when I open the sound bar up, I can see the level of volume on the windows bar for the computer and the micro unit but HRD and DM780 are at zero.
So, my thinking is if it is possible, I need to do some kind of patch with the audio both ways in the laptop? Or is it in the HRD/DM780 setup?

Many thanks

Title: Re: Digital modes
Post by: oz1rh on 2019-09-14, 22:29:33
In case you has not solved it see for how digital remote can be done with an IC-7100.

73, Palle, OZ1RH