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Title: K3/0 on phone
Post by: kl0r on 2019-10-31, 22:31:35
I have successfully gotten my K3/0 and RRC-1258 pair working... and I have it working with win-test. I have also hooked a foot switch to it, and can invoke PTT with it. However, using a standard headset mic on the stereo mic port on the side of the K3/0 appears not to work. I also wanted to try the hand mic, and in my haste, I grabbed a hand mic when I left the station, but I grabbed the MH3. Anyway, on SSB, when I push the foot switch, the radio transmits, but audio is not getting to the remote radio. When I use the MH3, depressing the transmit button does nothing. I have the mic set to the rear panel on the K3.

At some point I am going to want to use the voice keyer, so I am either going to want to use the internal DVK on the radio, or the DVK in win-test. In either case, I can't get audio at the transmitter.

Any suggestions? A configuration issue? a cabling issue?

Thanks, Wigi, KL0R
Title: Re: K3/0 on phone
Post by: dj0qn on 2019-11-04, 15:10:20

Looks you have the K3/0 mini and not the K3/0, since you have a side audio input.

The cable that one gets with that rig is pretty much idiot-proof, so that not likely the problem as
it would be for the K3/0.

I would double check the rig settings to make sure that the local K3/0 mini is NOT set to rear input.
Make sure that the mini is NOT connected to the radio side when you turn it on by disconnecting its
internet connection. Then use the mini's menu to make sure that the correct input is selected. If the
mini is connected to the radio side, it will only change the radio side.

If this isn't the problem, then I suggest posting on the Elecraft reflector, since this appears to be their

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX
Title: Re: K3/0 on phone
Post by: kl0r on 2019-11-09, 21:50:48
Is the correct selection on the K3/0 mini line in,  if I am using the side mic connection? And at the radio side, it is Rpl?


Title: Re: K3/0 on phone
Post by: dj0qn on 2019-11-10, 02:30:11

From the Elecraft manual:

2. Set the K3 for rear panel mic input and no bias (see the K3 Owner’s manual for details), regardless of
the type of mic used. The RRC-1258 units automatically supply bias.

I believe the side and front jacks are wired in parallel. I think when one is plugged in, the other is disabled, so you can't have
anything plugged into both at the same time.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX