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Title: DDNS Entry
Post by: w4ien on 2020-02-26, 05:48:21
I have set up the ddns entry on the RRC.  Actually it was generated just as the documentation indicates.  It has been over 2 weeks since I did that.  Is there anything else that I need to do to get the ddns entry to be activated?  I have been checking the ddns entry status daily but it has not been activated.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Title: Re: DDNS Entry
Post by: sm2o on 2020-02-26, 12:14:50
Look at the Radio-RRC status page. Most common reason for no DDNS update is that the DNS IP is set wrong so the Radio-RRC cannot contact the DDNS server.
A DNS IP which always works is = Google DNS

73 de mike