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Title: New Install on Win 7
Post by: KM2O on 2011-03-21, 21:09:09

I just got my Micro RRC and have been installing to a 64 bit Win 7 laptop.  I have installed the latest (64) client and am unable to connect to my 1258 MK II.  I am using COM 0 with an ICOM C-IV setup on Microbit UDP Com 3.   I have a green light on COM 3 and an orange on the link indicator. I says it is connecting to my DynDNS IP.  Then it times out with a long Windows error message starting with System.NullReference Exception Microbit.GUI.Main. <Call>b_1().....

What's my next step?  Deleting and reinstall or is there something I'm missing?



Title: Re: New Install on Win 7
Post by: roland on 2011-03-22, 08:36:24
There may be some problem with your settings.
Click on ( to the right.
This will create file info.txt in you Documents folder.
Send that one to me.