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Title: control of 2 Radios
Post by: k7yoo on 2011-04-02, 07:41:42
I have 2 locations, one with a TS2000, and the other with the TS 480. I would like to work both QTH's from my hotel or other travel site. I have envisioned this solution:
Purchase 2 complete RRC 1258 units and carry the radio panels and RRC controllers with me. This seems cumbersome and might be easier done with computers at each QTH.
Are there any other possible solutions? Perhaps change to two Identical radios and use my laptop to control the radios from the hotel through one RRC controller (IP address issues) and have an RRC box at each radio site.
My main goal is to have NO computer at the radio end, but I have no problem with one at the operator end. I understand that only one site at a time could be used, although dual site operation would be interesting. Simultaneous DX from two locations! Let me know what you think.

Title: Re: control of 2 Radios
Post by: dj0qn on 2011-04-02, 10:37:52
Skip, two inputs from my side:

1) RemoteRig now has supports for profiles, so you can switch between more than
    one radio. Therefore, only one RRC and panel or RRC PC Client on the user side
    is needed, unless you want to use both radios simultaneously.

2) You may wish to order the RRC PC Client from Sweden, since HRO doesn't carry it.
    This way, do do not need anything beyond your PC and this small dongle. See  for details.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX