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Title: RC-2000 cabling
Post by: iw1rdz on 2011-09-05, 12:48:38
I have a remote rig since some years over a wifi 5km link. I started with "supermarket" standard "b"  wifi devices with modified TV dishes, and during years have had a lot of upgrades in devices, till now that I have a similar setup to the remoterig concept.
I use two SIP hardware phones from grandstream, capable to call to each other without a PBX, interfaced to the audio of the TS2000 and a headset.
I have a Tibbo RS232 to LAN converter to interface rotor, I have two PCs with ham radio deluxe, hardware PTT over a HRD serial link.
On local network everything is fantastic, very reliable, delay near to zero.

Now: I would like to add an RC2000 display to improve control and probably two remote-rig  devices in future to delete al least the remote PC; I saw that remote-rig  device provides a TTL connection for the RC-2000. The question is: now, without a remoterig device, what should I need to connect RC-2000 over lan? I think a TTL serial over lan converter.
Something like: a local TTL converter to RS232 levels, a serial link over lan and another RS232 to TTL level convert on the remote site. Am I right?

Regards, Steve
Title: Re: RC-2000 cabling
Post by: iw1rdz on 2011-09-12, 10:55:37

Even if no one has answered  :'(, I think I'm right  :).

Anyhow I bought a couple of remoterig and RC2000 kit to do the work without computers.

Now I'm just waiting for the devices.  ;)
Title: Re: RC-2000 cabling
Post by: ON4AOI on 2011-09-12, 18:53:51
Hi Steve,
correct ttl to rs232 and back from rs232 to ttl but I am pretty sure
that It want work with the Tibbo TCPIP/RS232c connector you have
did do lot of tests with that brand and it ended in my garbage box

Title: Re: RC-2000 cabling
Post by: iw1rdz on 2011-09-13, 08:31:29
thanks for answer, yes you're right, now I use with no problems Tibbo converter rs232to lan to control rotor via HRD rotator program and a fantastic homebrewed G6LVB board. Tibbo devices are fine, after having configured them...
For sure, an integrated solution as Remote Rig, is probably better for my ham radio activity; at least I hope, having not received them yet.