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Title: My PC Client - Where Is It?
Post by: W0HJW on 2011-10-14, 00:49:29
HELP!!!  I don't find anywhere else to write this so I'll put it here in the Forum.  I ordered the RemoteRig PC Client Sept. 27th.  It was shipped Sept. 28th according to your e-mail to me.  Today is Oct. 13th and I have not received it.  Your website shows priority delivery should be 2-5 business days.  I realize I'm in California and it might take a little longer - but not this long.  It cost $36 for priority shipping.  For $36 you could have sent a small box that weighs 300 grams via FedEx International and I would have received it in a few days.

The problem may very well be with the U.S. Postal System.  The last tracking information shows it dropping into a black hole Oct. 5th.  However, priority shipping should mean some method of tracking a small package.

I bought this for a trip and there should have been plenty of time.  I will be leaving on that trip in 8 days.  If it is lost then I need a replacement shipped ASAP by a method that is fast and has some form of package tracking.

Harold W0HJW
Title: Re: My PC Client - Where Is It?
Post by: W0HJW on 2011-10-15, 03:31:59
I just knew that if I wrote this that it would arrive the next day!  My apologies for creating "much ado about nothing".  The PC Client arrived in good shape today and I will get it on the air VERY soon.


Harold W0HJW