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Hi All,
I have a friend who is setting up his station to operate remotely.  He is in need of a couple 1216H switches to accomplish his needs.

If you should have an available switch(es), he would be happy to purchase them, before ordering new ones.

Please let me know off line at ke8g.jim (at) gmail (dot) com  and I will pass the information along to him.

73 de Jim - KE8G

General discussion forum / K3 Twin CW TX problem
« on: 2014-08-06, 18:14:44 »
Hello All,
I have developed a problem with the CW TX.  I am getting reports that it's not understandable, I believe the dits & dahs are not forming properly.  More so, I think the dahs are non-existent, as I had a station come back to me as HE5I rather than KE8G.  This is a new problem, as up until recently it worked perfectly.  I do not use SSB, so no idea on that front.

I have had someone at the remote site go over all the connections to make sure things are correctly set up.

Twin K3s, both with latest firmware updates
Both RemoteRig units have the latest firmware updates.

I have made adjustments to the Lf delay ms now at 300 and Key delay ms now at 150.  It started off at 0 & 0, then 100 & 50, then 200 & 100 respectively.

Any ideas to get me started?   

73 de Jim - KE8G

Hi Jan,

Yes, got it this time, and did the install.  I sent you a private email on this before posting to this forum.  Thanks for allowing me to be a beta tester for this new install version.

73 de Jim - KE8G

Sorry, no I didn't.  When did you send it?  I have checked all places, even the Spam folder.  I can not find it.... please try again.  Also CC to

73 de Jim - KE8G

Yes, please!  I'd be happy do so some testing for you.

73 de Jim - KE8G

Hi Jan,
Any idea which day you are scheduled to release the update?

73 de Jim - KE8G

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