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General discussion forum / Re: HRD Serial Port not Working
« on: 2010-10-04, 00:53:47 »
Hello All:

As many of you knew, this was another case of RTMF or in my case not reading it.

I thought both Com ports on the RRC functioned the same way. I was wrong.

I had two double shielded cables made the same way... on the radio end, Com 2 is male, so I used a gender changer on our second trip to the mountain this weekend and...

It now works on Com 2 the way it is written.

Thanks for the patience Mike..


General discussion forum / Re: HRD Serial Port not Working
« on: 2010-10-02, 23:33:46 »
Sorry Mike..

It is a TS-480


General discussion forum / Re: HRD Serial Port not Working
« on: 2010-10-02, 23:28:15 »
Hello Mike:

Can I use a gender changer on the radio side?


General discussion forum / HRD Serial Port not Working
« on: 2010-10-02, 23:03:05 »
Hello All:

I know I am doing something wrong, but I do not know what it is..

I ordered and just installed double shielded serial cables on both RRC boxes and still nothing.

I am using COM 1 on each end of the RRC System.

I have it set for 34,800 with N,8,1 in both boxes and the radio.

I am using "straight through" cables on both boxes.

So from the RS232 port of the radio, I connect a cable to COM 1 of the "radio RRC" box.

On the "control head" box I connect a cable from COM 1 of that box to a USB to serial adapter into the computer.

The connections is seen on the computer under the "Device Manager."

I have tried all mixes of CTS, DTR and RTS.

The program does NOT see the radio..




Thanks for the information..

I will go down that path..


Hello Uno:

BY "Comm 1" I mean the physical Com 1 port on the front of each of the RRC units.

On the radio side I have connected a DB9 cable between the DB9 connector on the front of the TS-480 and the front Com 1 port of the RRC.

On the control head side I have connected a DB9 cable from the Com 1 port of the RRC and a USB adapter and the USB connector is connected to the computer.

The USB port is Com 2 within the computer and I attempt to connect HRD to Com 2 within the computer.

No joy..


Hello All:

I have configured both ends of the RRC with the same 38,400  8, 1 Off and NO rts.

I have set the baud rate the same within the TS-480 at the "serial" setting.

I have used Comm 1 on both ends of the RRC and I have set HRD with Comm 1 and the same baud rate.

What am I doing wrong?

It does NOT connect..



Hello All:

What is the setup to use HRD with a TS-480 via the RRC serial port 1?

I connected a DB9 cable from the from connector of the TS-480 body and Comm 1 of the hilltop RRC unit.

What settings should I use?



General discussion forum / TS-480 Audio Fixed
« on: 2010-08-22, 00:39:37 »
Hello All:

Well I got to the bottom of my audio issue today.

In July, when we installed the Remote Rig, I had made the audio modification on the RRC "head unit."

I got a "world class" Heil PR40 with the boom and everything. I added a PreSonus TubePre, EQ3B and a Comp 16 to my mic input. I was going to be 10-8 on all bands.

We installed OCF wire antenna @ 3800' on the top of Mt. Diablo in Northern California. I have a 5.8G connection directly between my house and the hill. Nothing was going to keep me from being a BMOC.

Well, now what happened...

I had a great crew to assist with the install and everything "looked" good, but the audio was horrible.

Anytime I went over 10 watts of power it would go to hell..

I have a 100 amp N+1 power supply, so I knew I had enough power for a 100 watt radio.

It turns out the TS-480 was connected to the "battery backup" terminals of the PS and on key-up voltage would drop to about 9VDC and a "hum" could be heard.

Well it is now fixed and working well..

So in the end, pilot error again.



General discussion forum / Re: PC-Client Questions
« on: 2010-07-23, 15:33:25 »
Hello Mike:

Thanks and Yes I am using a TS-480.

I will be going to the mountain next week and I will interface the TS-480 with the RS232.


General discussion forum / PC-Client Questions
« on: 2010-07-22, 20:25:05 »
Hello All:

I got my PC-Client the other day.

I got it to connect to my RRC on the radio side.

The PTT does not seem to work..

Do I need HRD or another PC client to use RRC-Micro?

Someone said I do NOT need any RS232 connection from the "radio RRC" to the radio. Is this correct?

Can I leave the control head on and connected to the radio RRC, while I use the RRC-Micro?

Can I control the radio from the radio head, while the RRC-Micro is connected? And will the RRC-Micro user be able to work the radio, when I change frequencies with the radio head?



General discussion forum / Re: Audio Problem at 52.525 FM
« on: 2010-07-21, 17:30:54 »
Hello All:

It looks like RF is getting back into the RRC and creating a distortion in the audio.

Next time to the hill we will bring many ferrite's.

If I turn the power down to 30 watts the audio on FM is OK.. Back up, it is distorted.

I'm still not sure we did the audio mod correctly..

If I turn the "Codec inp preamp" OFF I still get audio.. Should this happen..


General discussion forum / Re: Audio Problem at 52.525 FM
« on: 2010-07-15, 15:19:15 »
Hello Felix:

Your English is OK..

I took the control head and the radio end of the RRC to the mountain yesterday. I used the Network for the connection and the audio was good.

My problem might be WiFi related. I use Tranzeo 5 Gig stuff. The path is about 10 miles and it is good.

I was not using compressor.

Thanks for your reply..


PS.. The audio is very good on Side Band..

General discussion forum / Audio Problem at 52.525 FM
« on: 2010-07-14, 03:09:11 »
Hello All:

I had a low "growl" when I was on 52.525Mhz in FM mode with a TS-480.

We did the "audio mode" and it is still there.

We soldered to the left part of the "cap" pad and the lower part of the resistor pad.

Tough to tell the proper place for the resistor pad??

Any ideas.

I also turned on the "Codec inp preamp" as suggested...



General discussion forum / Re: PC Client
« on: 2010-07-09, 07:22:00 »
Hello Mike:

Using this with a TS-480, do I need to have the RS232 port of the TS-480 connected to one of the physical ports of the RRC or does it do the control over the TTL port?



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