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Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: ATT Uverse router settings ?
« on: 2016-10-25, 13:14:01 »
Mitch / Everyone

I have a good connection using my iPhone as a hotspot and everything functions perfectly, apparently my previous tests using my LAN has some problems.  My Remote Rig is used mostly with my iPhone during traveling, so my issued is solved with ATT Uverse IPv6.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.....  Burl,  AJ9Q

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: ATT Uverse router settings ?
« on: 2016-10-24, 20:55:53 »
Hi Mitch

Yes, all ports forwarding 13000, 13001, 13002 UDP setup.  SIP ALG is turned off.  Maybe a bit limit in the router?????

Thanks....  AJ9Q,  Burl

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: ATT Uverse router settings ?
« on: 2016-10-24, 15:01:55 »
Still have a problem with new configuration.  I have the static IPv4 address setup, DDNS and port forwarding.  I can connect to my remote (home) unit, but I do not get any audio on the control unit.  "Audio fail" on control unit message.  Also, when I the turn the VFO dial, the home unit will only move about 40kHz and then lock up on both units.  Other buttons on control units seem to work properly.  Brandon from Elecraft spent an hour and was not successful, although he was an immense help.  My firmware is the latest rev.

My internet connections is 980M bps upload and download.

Looking for any constructive ideas or suggestions.....  Burl,  AJ9Q

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: ATT Uverse router settings ?
« on: 2016-07-30, 13:33:13 »
Hi Ken

I called the main number 800.288.2020.  Beware they will want to transfer you to Connec Tech Support and they will want to send someone to your house. I kept asking for sales and requesting a static IPv4 address, be prepared for getting transferred, transferred and transferred.  However, I find find a person who was able to do the paperwork.
Also, Verizon will provide an IPv4 address for your cellphone, the cost is a flat $500.

Make sure you have full cup of coffee before you start......Burl,  AJ9Q

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: IPv6
« on: 2016-07-26, 20:30:27 »
I need the IPv6 firmware upgrade.  My ATT ISP does not provide public IPv4 address.  I just complete a 6,000mile cross country trip in my RV and was not able to use Remote Rig.  Planning another trip in September.  It would be nice to have HF on the road, again.

Please keep me posted......  Burl,  AJ9Q

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: ATT Uverse router settings ?
« on: 2016-07-26, 20:22:07 »
Hi Ken

It looks like we found the same problem, IPv6 is not compatible with Remote Rig at this time.  However, ATT will sell you IPv4 address for $15/ month.  I was ready to sell my Remote Rig and go DSTAR, but with the pending firmware update on Remote Rig to support IPv6, I will delay and cross my fingers.

73's  Burl,  AJ9Q

Configuration, RRC 1258 / ATT Uverse router settings ?
« on: 2016-05-18, 21:27:01 »
 I recently switched to ATT Uverse internet provider and I can not configure the firewall for Remote Rig. I tried to a custom install, but ATT did not allow. The router is a Motorola 5268AC.

Any help would be appreciated...... Burl,   AJ9Q

Will a new firmware update change my current setup configuration?  I am at V2.80 and would to get the latest V2.87.  Everything seems to working fine and I don't really want to experience a new setup configuration.

Your thoughts ....  Burl    AJ9Q

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