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Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: ts480 and digi modes
« on: 2017-12-18, 02:13:39 »
Hi Nick. Thank you for posting. It works indeed even if this is just a work around.
Unfortunately no words back from anyone about using DTR and RTS to keying the PTT.
Thanks again.

Interesting, thank you.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / RTS and DTR
« on: 2017-11-23, 23:17:05 »
I have asked this question already but no answer from anybody.
I would like to use the virtual comport 2 to drive the PTT, RTTY and CW via the I/O connector.
On the Control side, the I/O settings "USB RTS as PTT" and "USB DTR as CW" have been set to COM2.
The serial setting "use USB Com port as COM2" is set to yes.

On the RADIO side, the IO settings have been setup so that OUT0=PTT, OUT1=RTTY, and OUT2=KEYER.

I'm not able to control that signals, the output level for all the outputs is always low, therefore the problem is not with the radio and connections but the comunication between the remoterig boxes.
What should I try?

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / RTS DTR VIA USB COM PORTS
« on: 2017-11-22, 19:18:48 »
I've post some questions about this but I'm not getting any answer, strange.
I'm trying to use the COM PORT RTS as PTT and DTR as CW features.
On the control side I have configured COM 2 according to the manual.
On the radio side I have OUT 0 as PTT, OUT 1 as FSK, and OUT 2 as CW.
Looking at the radio box status web page, I have never seen the outputs turning high when triggering the COM2 lines.

Anything I'm missing?

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: ts480 and digi modes
« on: 2017-11-22, 02:27:43 »
Hi Nuno,
This is the same issue I have with my IC-7100.
I have posted a question on the RRC1258 Configuration board ( but no one replied from the support.
It seems the RTS to COM/PTT function doesn't work at all.
Maybe some hidden setup somewhere, but with no reply from them, there is nothing I can test anymore.


Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: SOFTWARE PTT - ICOM IC-7100
« on: 2017-11-02, 15:19:48 »
No words from the support?

Configuration, RRC 1258 / SOFTWARE PTT - ICOM IC-7100
« on: 2017-10-22, 19:05:24 »
I'm trying to set up WSJT-X with my IC-7100 and I wasn't able to key the transmitter via any COM RTS/DTR line.
After an exhaustive test session that included using different software too (N1MM, MTTY, DX4WIN) here they are my findings:

1) The radio can be set up in transmission using the CAT commands, but no audio is transmitted if the PTT is not pressed (it seems remoterig DO NOT pass audio without pressing the radio PTT)

2) The radio can be keyed using COMExt only if both DTR and RTS are HIGH;

3) Using COM1 or COM2 works for sending CW (DTR), doesn't work for PTT (RTS);

Any suggestion?


Here in Dallas, TX Companies are build with "more" humans/resources.
I'm pretty sure it is the same over there...  8) (The same was in Italy as well)
Thank you for your support and product
Do you have any plan to include an audio device directly discoverable from the USB connection?

73 de Max, N5NHJ (I8NHJ)
one  of EL2PP, 1A0KM, JT1Y, E30GA, T77V, TT8MM, T32R, K5K, XR0X, S05X, 4O3T, BS7H, K4M, PJ7E, PJ7DX, 6Y1V, C6ANA, VP5/I8NHJ and...

Hey Jan, it is not about what the humans can do but what a Company must do... ;)

I updated 4 units and so far it seems both the problems of having the second control turning automatically on and the radio freezing are gone.

I'm still missing the busy tone (can help to understand there is nothing wrong but just the radio is in use) but this is certainly not so important.

Thank you for your support.


I understand you guys are busy but supporting the products is important.
This issue must be addressed, if the radio freeze it needs to go to the remote location to cycle the power.
Thank you for your attention.

73 de Max, N5NHJ (I8NHJ)
one  of EL2PP, 1A0KM, JT1Y, E30GA, T77V, TT8MM, T32R, K5K, XR0X, S05X, 4O3T, BS7H, K4M, PJ7E, PJ7DX, 6Y1V, C6ANA, VP5/I8NHJ and...

Did you have at least a chance to replicate the issue with subsequent IC-7100 connections?
Thank you


That's exactly what I do but, as said, sometime the radio messes up with the two simultaneous connections and freeze completely or even worst shuts down and a power cycle is needed to restore everything.
Thank you for your support.
73 de Max, N5NHJ (I8NHJ)
one  of EL2PP, 1A0KM, JT1Y, E30GA, T77V, TT8MM, T32R, K5K, XR0X, S05X, 4O3T, BS7H, K4M, PJ7E, PJ7DX, 6Y1V, C6ANA, VP5/I8NHJ and...

Autoconnect is set to OFF.
If you guys do not have the second Control Unit/IC-7100 we can plan some test.

Remoterig and IC-7100 is a killer.
I run the ARRL test at fast CW speed during the past weekend and even-though my set-up is something advanced using serial to ethernet devices for amplifier, antenna and rotator, the baseline here is the feeling from the 7100 was just like having the radio on my desk.

That said, I went through the previous messages on the reflector and I should say that all the little issues reported (like headphone disconnects, radio doesn't turn on) are affecting my installation as well.

I faced a more complex problem that probably needs to be addressed.
I'm using 3 control units from 3 different locations with one radio and it happens that if the radio is busy, a connecting control unit  doesn't get any busy or congestion tone but simply doesn't turn on.
The real problem is when the radio is available again, the second connecting unit just turns on automatically.
If the operator is not at home anymore, you are completely lost and the only way to retake control of everything is remotely reset the radio unit.
Even more worst is, I assume, radio receives messages from the second connecting unit and this results in completely freezing the 7100 panel and resuming the functionality requires a power off-on cycle of the radio.
If anyone needs more details, please let me know

73 de Max, N5NHJ (I8NHJ)
one  of EL2PP, 1A0KM, JT1Y, E30GA, T77V, TT8MM, T32R, K5K, XR0X, S05X, 4O3T, BS7H, K4M, PJ7E, PJ7DX, 6Y1V, C6ANA, VP5/I8NHJ and...

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