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General discussion forum / Re: CW-keying via USB
« on: 2010-03-24, 11:28:09 »
Hello Simon.
I think new firmware makes virtual comport to you pc. You can use it for keying just normal
comport. I use HRD + DM780 and it works fine... You just have to make RJ45 cable from your
Radio RRC to Radio. Only 2 pins connected and works. (right side)

You should also change Control RRC IO settings: USB dtr as CW: "yes"
and Radio RRC IO settings outmode: "Keyer"

This is my setup and it works fine. I have only problems with microphone connections with TS-2000.
I can't use any phone modes. If PTT is working, I can hear  burr from microphone.

73 de OH6KVP Sami

Thanks Mike.
It is working perfectly. I had just switch jumper 2 in signalink, so I got more volume.
CW keying via USB is working too with HRD+DM780.
Sometimes a virtual serial port, however, doesn't work...
Reboot the computer helps, but it is not so fun :(

73 de OH6KVP Sami

Hello everyone.
I have a Kenwood TS-2000 without the RC-2000.
Does any idea how to connect the USB Signalink to Control RRC.
There is not spkr connection in aux/mic (RJ45).
Or is there something other way to work  digimodes remotely?

Best 73 de OH6KVP Sami

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