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I have the b, I did not know. So what do you use or put in the programs, the own PC or a virtual? That step is the one that is complicating me a bit.

General / Re: call sing is missing
« on: 2018-04-15, 01:02:37 »
working thank you very much

I got the rrc-micro, as is normal it will not work all the first time, you always have to fight a little.

I think I do not recognize it as the sound card, I have all this w10 and rrc-micro 1.10 . In the digital and world programs that I like for probability, I do not get the rrc-micro sound card.
But if you got to hear something, through vbcable, creating virtually. Why with the sound card of the computer, but I do not like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I do not like it, I do not like it.
I got to receive ft8 with jtdx and configuring with hrd, but listen. Transmit I think not, I'm going little by little.

He also got two programs per cat, like jtdx and kenwood or hrd, using vspe to have more ports than one in this case.

In short I do not recognize the rrc-micro and closing it gives me error.

General discussion forum / Re: TS-480 and HRD
« on: 2018-04-11, 23:18:49 »
Thank you very much for the answer, the first time is as you say you can not turn it on from hrd and then not in theory either, but as it does not disconnect it completely, even if the screen does. This can be switched on again from hrd. But if you acerad to the rrc-radio you see that it is on. A fault is what it allows, that's why I did not understand what the reason was.

What I do not know is with the rrcmicro if you can make digital correctly and what sound card you would have to configure in the digital program be hrd, jtdx ..

General discussion forum / Re: TS-480 and HRD
« on: 2018-04-11, 22:16:06 »
I just started with the Hrd, and the first problems begin.

If I turn on the equipment kenwood 480 which is with remoterig 1258mkII and then the hrd, it works, I can turn off directly on hrd and re-start from hrd the computer without any problem.

But if it is the first time I can not turn on the computer by hrd, I have to physically turn on the 480 screen, the next few times I would have no problem until I turn off the pc. In the pc I have the usb so they do not disconnect, I do not know what the reason will be. With the program of kenwood ARCP-480 the same thing happens to me.

Another flaw is that when I turn off the computer from hrd, the screen turns off and I stop receiving the sound of the equipment, but instead I continue to receive sound and if I dare to go to the internet, the radio is on.

Also I just downloaded the rrcmicro and which connect with hrd, in this case no problem works correctly, in test version. The question of whether or not it could be made digital by means of this system. I see that cw and fonia if you can.

All this is with the idea of ​​being able to make digital when I'm not at home, in your case with teamviewer to turn on the hrd and this the team. Or in your case if I do not, the other option would be with the laptop and the laptop.

The configuration of this is the one that you explain with com2 to virtual 4800/8/1 also tested with usb to com directly in rrc-control.

Thank you.

Acabo de empezar con el Hrd, y empiezan los primeros problemas.

Si enciendo el equipo kenwood 480 el cual esta con remoterig 1258mkII  y despues el hrd, funciona, puedo apagar directamente en hrd y volver a encender desde hrd el equipo sin ningún problema.

Pero si es la primera vez no me deja encender el equipo por medio de hrd, tengo que encenderlo físicamente en la pantalla del 480, las próximas veces ya no tendría problema hasta que vuelva a apagar el pc. En el pc tengo los usb para que no se desconecten, no se cual sera el motivo.Con el programa de kenwood ARCP-480 me pasa lo mismo.

Otro fallo es que cuando apago el equipo desde hrd, la pantalla se apaga y dejo de recibir el sonido del equipo, pero en cambio sigo recibiendo sonido y si acedo atreves de internet a la rrc-radio esta encendida.

Tambien me acabo de descargar el rrcmicro y el cual conecte con hrd, en este caso no hay problema funciona correctamente, en version prueba. La duda de rrcmicro es si se podría hacer digitales por medio de este sistema.Veo que cw y fonia si se puede.

Todo esto es con la idea de poder hacer digitales cuando no estoy en casa, en su caso con teamviewer para encender el hrd y este el equipo. O en su caso si no lo consigo, la otra opción seria con rrcmicro y el portátil.

La configuración de esto es la que explicas con com2 a virtual 4800/8/1 también probado con usb a com directamente en rrc-control.


General / Re: call sing is missing
« on: 2018-04-11, 21:38:27 »
Hello, I answered and I noticed the failure to turn on the tablet, the same day you update the phone also install the Remoterig RRC-Nano K app on the tablet. My surprise to see the green icon, normal that can not connect to the Same time with the phone, which tells me that my period has expired.

3f9b put to work phone
d74a turn off is from the tablet.

Excuse me for bothering you.

General / App Period expired
« on: 2018-04-04, 15:51:07 »
Hello, the app has expired again, I try not to update but of cez in when there is no other option. I would appreciate it if you put it back to work. Thank you.

lic id:3f9b

General / call sing is missing
« on: 2018-01-24, 22:03:29 »
Call sing is missing   :-[   
Please my new license is 3f9b, after I have updated to android 7 and see that I give problems with several app, I go back to android 6 that worked properly. Thank you.

General / Re: App Trial Period Has expired
« on: 2017-01-12, 23:27:11 »


It still does not work, it's a shame that the password and a password is not enough. Each time the mobile is updated, the same problem arises.

Thanks for the patience. :'(

General / Re: App Trial Period Has expired
« on: 2017-01-11, 22:09:54 »
Lic.Id  f0e5,
Expired again thanks

General / Re: App Trial Period Has expired
« on: 2016-11-17, 17:28:47 »
(Need also a re-activation for dd2f please)
I updated and dialed expired license, reset the phone to factory values, gave me a new id and solved. Thank you.

General / Re: App Trial Period Has Expired
« on: 2016-06-13, 22:28:59 »

Thank you very much, and is working again.
I strange that these days working at 100%, and you have offline updates for that reason. But surely the android system upgrade anything.

I again thank you for the patience you have.


Muchas gracias, ya esta funcionando de nuevo.
Me extraño por que estos días funcionaba al 100 %, ya le tengo desconectado las actualizaciones por ese motivo. Pero seguro que el sistema android actualizo alguna cosa.

Doy de nuevo las gracias por la paciencia que tenéis. :)

General / Re: App Trial Period Has Expired
« on: 2016-06-13, 17:20:09 »

General / Re: App Trial Period Has Expired
« on: 2016-05-11, 21:24:16 »
Dejo de funcionar también el micrófono, el cual quedaba inservible para otras aplicaciones. Tuve que restablecer los valores de fabrica del teléfono. y instale la versión 1.5.1, ahora esta funcionando tanto el micrófono, como el rrc nano al 100%.

the microphone, which was unsuitable for other applications also work stopped. I had to restore the factory settings of the phone. and install version 1.5.1, it is now running both the microphone, as the nano rrc 100%.

General / Re: App Trial Period Has Expired
« on: 2016-05-11, 08:40:13 »
 :(  kenwood 1.4.1

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