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Exactly, front panel cable needs to be removed and plugged back after step 3 if I want to have some QSO...
I wanted to follow the normal steps to turn on the radio, so I power the routerboard which comes up with the VPN, then the Remoterig on the Control side, then I press the ON button.
I'm not saying that my problem is so urgent to be solved, I'm perfectly satisfied with remoterig, living between the mountains  is not easy to catch DX even in CW which is my only mode, after I built my remote site I have many new countries in my log, but since it looks like somebody else had the same issue you might find the time to debug one day.
By the way the VPN is a L2TP between two sites operated with Mikrotik Rouerboards, ping between the two networks is between 40-70msec.
TS-480 was upgraded to last firmware.
Thanks in advance, regards.

I tried to summarize what happens in the pdf document attached where radio and control remoterig status pages are reported. At the actual state to have the radio working I need to remove the front panel cable after push button is pressed and plug it back.
Thanks for any useful suggestion, Jack.

we made some checks on the configuration, VPN seems to be ok but almost every time I need to turn on the radio
it gets stuck in the HELLO display. I need to remove the control panel cable and connect it back, sometimes it starts correctly otherwise I need to reboot the remoterig.
Here is the diagnostic of control panel unit:
Name   Value
Control panel   ON
Radio   ON
Connection status   Faulty(See below)
SIP status   Connected/transfering
Last SIP error   None
RTP/UDP audio status   Stalled(40)
UDP cmd status   OK(25)
SIP command timeout   0
Rx Jitter buffer size   15
Rx Jitter delay   12
Dual Rx   0
Current audio packet size   20
Current audio quality   0 - alaw 8 kHz
SIP Out port   5071
SIP In port   5071
Audio Out port   11000
Audio In port   11000
Command Out port   12000
Command In port   12000
External SIP In port   5071
External Audio In port   11000
External Cmd In port   12000
Other party
Input 0   High
Input 1   High
Input 2   High
Output 0   High
Output 1   Low
Output 2   Low
DNS status   OK, =
Active profile   Default
PTT status   OFF
Common network settings   No
Any suggestion?
Thanks, Jack.

tonight I will start a deeper investigation, my post was just to check If you did not have this issue also on other systems, at least I'm more
sure that it might be coming from network settings.
Thanks, Jack

Hello, I upgraded to 2.86 from 2.85.

I'm running remoterig between 2 sites, using Mikrotik Routerboards, estabilished a PPTP VPN connection between the two, remoterigs are talking to each other inside the VPN, after last firmware upgrade sometimes the control head gets stuck, red led on the AUX/MIC, 10-30 seconds and it comes up.
VPN looks stable, the strange thing is that Control head rrc is not even answering to the ping from the local network like it's dead or rebooting.
It might do that for many times in one hour and then run for the whole afternoon, unfortunately lost a lot of QSOs.....
Any suggestion?
Thanks, Jack,

General discussion forum / Re: TS590 & 590SG twin
« on: 2015-06-19, 15:12:15 »
Willi, thanks for the answer,
you are true, no real difference on paper between the rigs, I never tried them but according
to their specs I chose them for my CW only activity, having two would be helpful also for
accessories, optional cables etc.
Of course it should not be difficoult to find two second hand units, but knowing that there is
compatibilty between the two models would give even more years of stability for the project.
Regards, Jack.

General discussion forum / TS590 & 590SG twin
« on: 2015-06-19, 12:31:29 »
I might upgrade my remoterig installation from TS-480 to a better CW rig, TS-590 models would be my choice.
Since there are many TS-590 used on the market it would save some money to purchase a new SG version
for the primary shack and a second hand 590 for the remote site.
Would there be any problem in having a twin with TS-590 together with TS-590SG?

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