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General discussion forum / Re: Motorola
« on: 2011-06-18, 21:47:15 »
I have looked at the 2 and 4 wire options.  A couple SIP boxes in hotline mode could give me 2 wire for less than $100.  4 wire with E&M is much more of course.  But I need to see the CDM radio display remotely.  Tone remotes are okay for up to 8 channels, but these radios can support 128. Being able to see the display is a big help. Their control panel can be separated with a simple RJ48 cable so my hope was you had a product that did for the Motorola CDM what it does for the ham rigs.  I'm sure the pinouts are different, but on that same connector is everything the head needs to work remotely.  The principal must be similar.  If you are interested in developing a commercial version, let me know by email.  I may be able to arrange manuals and a radio to prototype with.


General discussion forum / Re: Motorola
« on: 2010-10-10, 05:02:06 »
Thanks for the replies, but I'm really looking for feedback about compatibility with Motorola radios.  I can handle the reliability issues.

Has anyone used the remoterig system to remote a Motorola commercial radio, for example, the CDM1250?


General discussion forum / Motorola
« on: 2010-04-20, 03:23:05 »
I think this product might have some great public safety applications.  Has anyone tried to interface it to a Motorola CDM1250 mobile radio?  They do have an option for a detachable faceplate, so I would think it's possible.  If not via that connector, there is a connector on the back with many options included.  The details of this accessory connector are available here:

If this radio can be remoted, I think it could have many applications in the public safety world.  We have a closed network and these devices could let us deploy radios at facilities all over our coverage area. 

If you have attempted to connect to any Motorola product, please let me know.


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