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General discussion / Re: RRC1258MkII & RRC Micro - no audio
« on: 2015-12-12, 14:00:49 »
Thanks Mike. I will consider the alternatives. Perhaps St. Knick will deliver a new radio toy on Xmas morning.

73 de W5BI

General discussion / Re: RRC1258MkII & RRC Micro - no audio
« on: 2015-12-12, 00:24:42 »
Mike - Thanks for the quick reply. Is there any reason I could not utilize the ACC connector on the 706 for AF_IN, AF_OUT & PTT?  Are the levels compatible? I would, of course, still use the REMOTE jack for CI-V.
If this is acceptable, I could use any ICOM radio with an ACC port and one RCC1258MkII/RCC Micro pair.


General discussion / RRC1258MkII & RRC Micro - no audio
« on: 2015-12-11, 21:02:11 »
Help please. I received the RRC-1258MkII and RRC Micro combo a few weeks ago. I have been attempting to get it working all week with limited success. Everything works, as far as I can tell (hear clicking from radio when change bands), but very weak audio on PC speakers or headset. I scoured the forum and found similar issues reported by several folks, but answers are unclear.

My setup . . .

RRC-1258MkII connected to IC-706Mk2G with modified OPC-581 cable (verified correct)

Control PC on local LAN with 1274B dongle

Ports 13000-13002 forwarded to RRC-1258 in router

Serial connectivity is OK - HRD controls radio (hear radio relays clicking when changing bands)

I hear very weak audio on PC when tuned to strong signal

Status of RRC-1258 shows "UDP cmd status  Error(0)" indicating failure of UDP

I also notice that 1274B does not show up in Device Manager.

I understand Mike has a networking guide that may shed some light on this problem - please send.

My system -

PC: Dell D630
OS: Vista Ultimate

RRC1258 STATUS * * * * *

Radio    ON
Connection status    Faulty(See below)
SIP status    Connected/transfering
Last SIP error    None
RTP status    Excellent(60)
UDP cmd status    Error(0)
SIP command timeout    0
Rx Jitter buffer size    7
Rx Jitter delay    5
Dual Rx    0
Current audio packet size    40
Current audio quality    0 - alaw 8 kHz
External IP
SIP Out port    13000
SIP In port    13000
Audio Out port    13001
Audio In port    13001
Command Out port    13002
Command In port    13002
External SIP In port    13000
External Audio In port    13001
External Cmd In port    13002

RRC-1258 INFO * * * * *

Company    Microbit
Product    1258
PID    4
Version    7
HW    8
Software    2.88
Bootloader    1.10
Compiler    4.6.2
Build    Oct 21 2015 15:02:32
ROM/RAM    477820/44080
ETH-RAM    2944 (max 3kB)
USB-RAM    15348 (max 16kB)
Battery-RAM    4
ResetSrc    0 [3]
Last WD Reset    9
Uptime    0 Days, 16 Hours, 44 Mins, 33 Secs
Serial number    10388

Thanks for any help you can provide. I will be traveling next month and hope to use this system on the road.

Gary W5BI 

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