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The question is do you have radio panel in remote location connected via RemoteRig RRC1258 ?
If not you haven't that problem described above.

I tried lower bit rate of CAT,  few programs, I send by myself commands for ON / OFF, but it workes only with panel connected directly to radio (not via RRC1258).

I had the same questions... and no solution and no answer. I thought that IC7100 is popular TRX.
Sad that nobody from remoterig developers don't care about this issue about powering on transceiver. Nothing changed.

remoterig disturb POWERing ON - I can see that all my programs power on TRX for about 5 seconds, and after that something POWER OFF the radio again.
And it's happend only when radiohead is connected via RemoteRig :(
When it is connected localy to radio all works perfect.

Any changes ? News ? Plans  about that issue ?

It is realy annoying that radio body of IC7100 stays power on after connection lost between RRs.
Other side with radio panel can't reconnect again or power off or power on the radio.

Even big ADSL / FTTH / LTE  Internet Service Providers (as Orange for example)  reconnect PPP sessions every 24 hours.

Only hard manual reset with PSU on/off solved that.
I tested it with  two ic7100.

The same problem appears without DMZ, and without port forwarding on router.
Something is bad with packets and IP handling. We need here some watchdog which will turn off both sides if we lost connection - radio body and panel.

If we loose too many packets between both RemoteRigs (when radio body and radiohead is turn on) and radiohead goes offline, and radio body stays online.
I checked it many times with my PC connected to radiobody IF via SDR RTL.

General discussion forum / Re: Data Abort
« on: 2016-07-12, 21:00:57 »
Any chance for solution or firmware update  ?

General discussion forum / Re: Data Abort
« on: 2016-05-31, 15:37:18 »
Hi any updates ? when we find update to repair this bug ?

And after few days of continues operation. It happens again.

Data Abort at 0x0004ae30, called by 0x0004ae2c

My Remote RIG RRC-1258 MkII  + Icom IC7100
Software 2.87
Bootloader 1.10
Build Aug 26 2015 11:23:58

Normally when I lost some packets, panel turn off and after few seconds turn on again. Or if it is longer unavability of connection I can manualy turn on the radio.

It can't be problem with TCP/IP I think beacuse I reboot both routers, both RRC-1258 and I can't power on radio again.
Only one solution is to manualy power off the radio and RRC completly via psu.

I dont' think so.

If I have radio + radiohead connected localy all is ok - PC software can switch ON ic-7100
If I have radio to RemoteRig <- internet -> RemoteRig to radiohead - PC software can't power ON ic-7100

In both situation PC is located in radio location and connected via USB and also via CI-V jack.
I try with Ham Radio Deluxe / TRX manager and others, and I know the correct CI-V command.

But I will try to fix this situation on my own anyway.
Or maybe other users find solution.

de Andy

Hi !

I have one question about IC-7100 and RR and CAT Control.
I must say it works wonderful - radio shack with 5GHz WLAN with public IP 4/2Mbps - other side in my home via ftth.

Is there any chance for POWER ON  button in remoterig web interface or small area for CAT command via COM0 ?

I'm using in two ways my setup - with remote rig + radiohead + mic or only with PC in radio shack with cw/ssb/digi from PC connected to TRX. (also in second case radiohead is connected via RR)

TRX USB here is used for HRD / WSJT / audio in/out
TRX CI-V jack is used for omniRIG (HD SDR / panadapter - IF tap)

COM1 from RR I have for diy arduino rotor controller. workes quite good.

I can switch OFF radio via CI-V or USB (HRD / TRX manager) - but no chance for power ON when radiohead is away via RR.
If I had radiohead connected directly to radio no problem at all with power ON via CAT command from PC.

Product 1258
Version 7
HW 8
Software 2.87
Bootloader 1.10

General discussion forum / Re: IC-7100 problem
« on: 2015-11-08, 18:17:18 »
Hi Guys it is my first post here.

I have same situation as described in this topic. It happens 4th time to me... I have RemoteRig from 6.2015 to now.

I had firmware v2.72, today I upgrade it to the newest. (By the way in old version I had sometimes this info: "Data Abort at 0x00046938, called by 0x00045f78". Some problems with memory leaking probably.)

On my local end I can see this:
Control panel   OFF
Radio   OFF
Connection status   Disconnected
SIP status   Unknown(1)
Last SIP error   None
RTP/UDP audio status   Disconnected
UDP cmd status   Disconnected

And orange led blinks on RR.

It is not problem with IP/internet/router/ports forwarding. All needed ports are available and on my remote site I have public static IP. I made lot of QSOs already.

It seems that communication via RR can "hang radio" sometimes. For now I found only one solution... manualy turn off/on PSU connected to TRX.

I must find the way to turning Radio body without Control Head, I have connected IC-7100 to PC via USB and also via C-IV cable.

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