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Hello Knut
Please export your settings in html and send me by e-mail  because i have same problems with CI-V  configuration WITH HRD.
Thanks in advance
73 de SV8RV

Hello everybody
I have tested remoterig with ic-706 and with ts-480 with 100% success working
for months.
I try to test remote rig with ic-756 proii (CI-V configuration) but no success
to control the radio using ham radio deluxe remotely. I am using the latest
firmware and all the necessary cabing to com2 in control RRC and from radio
RRC(TTL) to 756 as described. Audio is ok , ptt is ok, microphone is working but
HRD does not find the radio. Settings in RRCs are the same in the site.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance
73 de SV8RV
Dionysios Vlachiotis
Zakynthos island

I try to find any help for connection and remote control of pcr-1000 or pcr-100 with this powerful product (RRC) of Microbit.
Thanks in advance
Dionysios Vlachiotis SV8RV

Hello everybody
Trying to connect R-2500 and RRC-1258 V1 without success. Network set-up is ok , cabling i think is ok but nothing happens. I have used control mode 7 for r-2500 but i am not sure for the other settings in the radio page (baudrate etc.)
please advise
thanks in advance
73 de SV8RV

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