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Dear all,
first of all let me say again thanks to everyone for the continuos support you offer.

I am quite happy of my RRC - I have finally found my correct setup.

I have just one issue, quite difficult to explain but I will try.

Everytime I every xx hours my LAN crashes - I need to restart my router! because the LAN cable looks disconnected.
I need to restart again the router and then the interface get the correct IP by DCHCP.

Any hints?


Many thanks for your answer.
Is it possible to know (in  your opinion) if it's my side or the oterh side?

Could it also be the cable? Should I change the cables?

Now itís alwyas yellow led.

Also if I switch to another WiFi connection it stays yellow.

Can somebody help? Thanks


I crated a WIFI HOTSPOT with my Iphone 7. It works well.

So I believe the issue is on my DSL router?


Hello everyone
thanks first of all for this device and for this FORUM that help users like me with some issues.

My remote control (the one with the panel of my TS 480) is working well but intermittently.

Today (as other times) I encounter this issue:
1) I press ON on the panel of TS 480
2) the interface get the LED (I mean the AUX/MIC) YELLOW colour
3) nothing happens.

This is the first screenshot (before I press ON)
and the second screenshot (after I press ON)

General discussion forum / Re: Connection Faulty - Stalled
« on: 2018-09-17, 19:33:24 »
Hi Mitch,
thanks for your reply.

Yes, same router.
Now I make it working using my iphone 3G (hotspot)... but after been using it for 20 minutes - i shut up for a whiel and now that I am trying it again it's now working anymore. Indeed the kenwood ts 480 is beeping out (like the telephone - tu tu tu tu t u)


General discussion forum / Re: Connection Faulty - Stalled
« on: 2018-09-17, 01:27:44 »
Hi Mitch,
thanks again for your precious support.

Well, there are news: I had an attempt connecting my interface (connected to the panel of TS 480) direct to the router via LAN.
It worked and I enjoyed it for about half an hour. I disconnected the cable and tried again with WIFI. Again, just yellow led, and same errors as reported above. Tried again with the LAN, worked.

Now, after 2 hours, ...LAN didn't work.


General discussion forum / Connection Faulty - Stalled
« on: 2018-09-16, 20:37:32 »
Hello everyone

I finally managed to get the two interfaces connected.
But... I've this error

Can somebody help?

as per instructions I have just typed in the space.
still not working.

I have open the UDP for 13001 13002 and 13005

Therefore I tried to activate the DMZ with the IP of the interface given by the router...

Any hints?

Hi Mitch,
thanks for your reply.

I didn't type http://

just the

Sorry to be confusing.

These are the settings: if you connect to
you can see...


Hello everyone,

I have setup my RRC with the DDNS
even if I can manage to remotely see the interface at this address

So, I also added the IP of the interface (given by the router) into the DMZ setting of the router.'s not working at all.

Can anyone give me some insights?


General discussion forum / Re: Remote Rig Repair
« on: 2018-02-01, 00:39:39 »
thanks for your reply.

I still do not understand.
Nothing has changed. The only maybe has changed is here (remote side) where I changed the access point. I just updated the wifi password. that's it.

What I do not understand is why we have the same problem (myself and this other OM) and you suggested him to bring back to you the remote rig and indeed to me you suggest to simply check the connection.

Should maybe try to check the SIP number?

However, when I go to the ttls your wesbite to check if he solved the dynamic ip , yes it's working well.

So, I do not undersstnad where the problem is.
If you could help I will be grateful to you

best 73

General discussion forum / Re: Data Abort
« on: 2018-01-20, 15:56:03 »
Same here.
Worked flawlessy for 1 year.
Since one month: Data Abort at 0x000541a8, called by 0x0004259c

Firmware 2.90 - Microbit RRC 1258 MKII -
Kenwood TS 480.

best 73

same here,
after 1 year of perfect job I got this error:
Data Abort at 0x000541a8, called by 0x0004259c

What's going on? Firmware is the 2.90.
Kenwood TS 480

General discussion forum / Re: Remote Rig Repair
« on: 2018-01-20, 15:51:22 »
I 've same issues here.

He worked for 1 year. No problem.

Now the "system message" is:

Data Abort at 0x000541a8, called by 0x0004259c

What should I do / check on the motherboard of my RRC-1258 mk2?


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