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Configuration, RRC 1258 / FT857 remote power up
« on: 2018-03-21, 23:00:05 »
Is it possible to get in the web interface a power button for connecting an FT857 to the radio end (i.e. in parallel with the physical button on the control head).

The reason being is my rig control head runs remotely at home running WSPR or other digital modes. Whenever my internet connection drops, the connection is broken and I have to reconnect the control head again.

It would be really handy to be able to do this remotely too.

General discussion forum / Re: Icom IC-910H remote rig?
« on: 2018-02-16, 06:24:35 »
Hi Lou,
I spoke to 6LD about the Remote Rig before I purchased it.

I also spoke to 5PJ. He was having issues connecting his 7100 up. Thanks for your other thoughts.


General discussion forum / Re: Icom IC-910H remote rig?
« on: 2018-02-16, 05:48:18 »
Hi Lou,
Thanks for your thoughts. I'm still up in the air about what to do.

Currently I have a FT-857 at the remote site with the RemoteRig and the control head at home. This seems to work very well, however I felt like it was a "waste" of a radio too with not using HF and 6 metres. I guess looking at it, it's not really too much of a waste considering it's probably cheaper than a 2nd hand 910.

The rig is also currently GPS locked.
Perhaps it's just best to stick with this setup and add a transverter for 23cm if required down the track.


General discussion forum / Icom IC-910H remote rig?
« on: 2018-02-16, 04:33:03 »
Has anyone used the remote rig for the IC-910H? How did it work, I assume like any other CI-V Icom.

I'm setting up a remote station on a high mountain, and I only want 2m/70cm, although 23cm would be a bonus. The 910 suits because they already have a decent amount of power 100W on 2/75W on 70cm, and are easily GPS lockable.

Open to other suggestions though.

General discussion / Connecting to FT-857 via RRCMicro
« on: 2018-02-05, 11:14:37 »
Just installed the trial version of the RRC Micro software to try out with ham radio deluxe for control.

I use a FT-857D with remote control head normally, but I want to be able to connect from work and control.

I've managed to connect, RTP goes green, but the indicator bar doesn't show anything, so no audio buffering. Not sure what I am doing wrong there, and can't find troubleshooting steps on this.

I try to open up Ham Radio deluxe, and select COM3 (what I selected in the RRC micro PC com port setting) and I only get three baud rates options, one is not 64000 which is my COM0.

Do I need to use a separate cable from serial of the RemoteRig to the radio? What a pain, that's a 200km round trip drive, and I don't have one of those cables. I thought it was possible through the front TTL connector?

Thanks for the reply.

So I did some further testing tonight. I can get the Control RRC to connect via the TPLink in client mode to my phone which is in hotspot mode. Aside from the occasional dropped packet (can probably change this in settings) it seems to be working and fires up everytime.

I then tried on two different wifi access points at  home here and they will not connect properly. I did on one occasion get the remote rig to connect. It clicked as if powering on once, then the second time it tried again and connected. I then switched the rig off, reconnected and it clicked three times to try and power up, but doesn't.

I've checked all my IP settings, and I can ping from my laptop the remote end, and access the internet fine. I even went into hotspot mode in the TPLink and disabled SIP ALG.

Also tried the TPLink in a hotspot mode, but still no go. The Control RRC works fine on my home network, so it's not an issue with my core router.

Maybe it's just a rubbish TPLink device...

Thanks Mitch. I'll try it connecting through a different wireless AP first to see if I can eliminate that.

The TPLink doesn't seem to have any firewall options when in the client (bridge) mode. I'll have to keep having a play and see.

Hi Mitch,
The TL-WR802 I don't think has a firewall as much when running in "client" mode as it basically just is a wireless to ethernet bridge.

The RRC is set to DHCP and the DHCP server is set to off, it simply passes everything through.

Hi all,
Had a couple of issues with my RRC connecting a FT-857.

I have a TP-Link TL-WR802 setup in client mode (connected to a WiFi access point - a Unifi AC Lite AP). I get internet fine through it to my PC. I then connect this to the RRC. Press the button to turn it on. It appears to try to turn on and makes the 857 beep, but fails to start. It does this three times then stops.

The RRC works fine when plugged into my local network. Has anyone had any similar issues? I don't think the AP has any SIP related restrictions, its only bridging my LAN to WiFi.

I also tried connected via my iPhone hotspot. This worked, however I noticed dropped audio frames. Probably my 4G connection at the time?

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