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General discussion / Re: Do I need the 1274B?
« on: 2018-02-15, 19:06:53 »

Since I don't want to lug the TS-480 control head around, I plan on getting the PC-Micro for when I'm travelling away from home.

Another possibility might be to get a Ethernet-RS232 converter and hook it up to the remote router, and then use the ARCP software to control the remote rig, instead of using COM2 on the RRC Remote box.  Has anyone tried this method?

Thanks again!
73 de Trent   K5XM

General discussion / Re: Do I need the 1274B?
« on: 2018-02-13, 19:32:20 »
Hi Joe, and thanks for your comments.
The TS-480 control head is attached to the RRC Control here at home, and the RRC remote and the main body of the 480 are at the ranch--just a regular system.   I am using COM2 for the CAT control--but the ARCP480 software won't turn on the radio.  After the 480 control head is turned on, the CAT works perfectly.   It just won't turn the system on.
Is there another step in the hookup that I missed?

73 de Trent

General discussion / Re: Do I need the 1274B?
« on: 2018-02-08, 19:47:13 »
Thank you Mitch!  Thatís just what I was wanting to know.
73 de Trent K5XM

General discussion / Do I need the 1274B?
« on: 2018-02-07, 20:52:20 »
First post--but I've been a lurker for a while.  I'm operating my TS-480 remotely at the ranch using the RRC-1258's, with the 480 front panel here at home connected to the control box.  I'm very satisfied with it.  However, when I'm away from home, I want to be able to operate using a laptop running ARCP-480 (or HRD).  I have the serial cable hooked up on Com2 at the remote, but I'm unable to turn on the radio from the software.  I'm reduced to having my wife push the power button on the 480 to make contact with the system, and I need a better way. If I get a 1274B Micro PC Client, will I be able to power up the radio when away from the home QTH?  Or, should I invest in a remote RS232 switch and connect the radio com port to it?
Thanks for any help.
73 Trent  K5XM

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