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If I read all the messages above, it refers to a WiFi connection. I was referring to that connection.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

I am using a Netgear universal wifi adapter with an iPhone hotspot. I see nowhere one can change a channel on the wifi adapter. I did change channels on my home router wifi and saw no improvement. As always, thanks for your suggestions, Mitch. It could be I am up against AT&T or Charter either case, it will do no good to contact them. For now, I will live with the dropouts and use my remote stuff sparingly...and maybe someday it will magically work again like in the past.

73 John K7FD

I can change the channel but if the radio RRC is on a wired connection from the router how does changing the wireless channel help? I don't understand this but I am no expert, hi.

John K7FD

Thanks to all for fine ideas. I disconnected ALL devices connected to my new Netgear Nighthawk router as suggested. No DropCam, no AppleTV, etc. Just cable modem and Remote Rig radio RRC are connected to the router. On the control end, I am using iPhone 5S hotspot, new Netgear Universal WiFi Adapter, and AT&T 4G/LTE carrier. Audio quality = 0 in both control and radio RRCs. Jitter buffer 10, Jitter delay 9, packet size 20.

Bottom line: I still get consistent dropouts in the receive audio. About every 3 to 10 seconds (it varies), there is a total chop off of audio for just the blink of an eye, then it's back until the next dropout. Removing all devices from my router did not affect the dropouts in receive audio. On the transmit side, no dropouts have ever been reported from other stations I have contacted. Only the receive side is having issues.

At some point, I'll try to eliminate the AT&T connection in favor of a different one. For now, I'll live with the dropouts...

73 John K7FD

Please note I am not blaming the Remote Rig, just trying to get suggestions on where I might look to find the problem!

I can make the time greater between receive audio dropouts by changing jitter buffer to 16 and jitter delay to 15...and making packet size 40. But the dropouts are still there, just spaced further apart now...every 7 to 12 seconds instead of every 3 to 7 seconds...

Any ideas?

73 John K7FD

The droputs on receive occur at random...some times 3 seconds between droputs and sometimes 7 or 8 seconds...

According to the reports I receive on the air, the droputs on transmit are less, more on receive...

John K7FD

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Where is bootloader download?
« on: 2014-07-01, 05:01:34 »
Where can one find the latest bootloader download?

I am using Remote Rig firmware 2.78 and TS-480SAT. Internet connection is provided by AT&T/iPhone 5S hotspot and a Netgear WNCE2001 Wifi Adapter. Rx jitter 6, jitter delay 7, audio quality 1, Dynamic DNS through Remote Rig.

The problem is the receive audio has a hiccup about every 10 seconds making listening uncomfortable. Any suggestions to fix these dropouts?


John K7FD


I use 3G connection here; many times when I power up the TS-480SAT, I hear a single beep but nothing comes on the display. Then I tap the power button one more time, and it comes to life. It's like it takes 2 pushes on the Kenwood power button...

...not always, but usually...

73 John K7FD

FYI, K7FD will be operating remotely during the contest this weekend - hope to work you! 100 watt TS-480SAT and 3 element Mosley TA-33 up 19 meters...

73 John K7FD

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but the Remote Rig is a real game changer. I couldn't be more pleased with the increased flexibility it has given my portable operating. The ability to fire up my TS-480SAT away from home and yet have all the controls in front of me wherever I'm at is phenomenal; my hats off to Microbit!

73 John K7FD

I would like to turn my beam remotely but do not wish to use a laptop or software to do so. I would like to do it with a real controller. Is anyone using rotator hardware (control head) on the control RRC end to turn their beam?

If so, how are you doing it and with what hardware? Would it be possible to use two MDS RC1-G Yaesu G450 controllers?


73 John K7FD

General discussion forum / Re: 1258MK II and CTR500 For Sale
« on: 2011-09-17, 01:30:40 »
Tom, did you ever get your RRC's up and running with the 3G connection?

73 John K7FD

General discussion forum / Re: 1258MK II and CTR500 For Sale
« on: 2011-09-09, 22:41:20 »
OK Tom...hang in there :)

Sounds like I need to get a Cradlepoint! My Zoom is a touchy beast even at its best but at least it does connect.

OK, if you are getting a solid connection to the internet with the Cradle Point and the 308 air card, now the problem must be centered around the RRC control box (or the remote box). Double check the control box and make sure it is set to connect using DHCP (but do not use DHCP on your remote RRC in the shack).

Did you set up an account with Can you access your remote RRC over the internet when you type in your DynDNS web address? Make sure you have your DynDNS address put into your remote RRC settings...

If you are using a Kenwood TS-480, make sure you have the correct rig chosen. And make sure your ports match up in both RRCs. BTW, I successfully use jitter buffer 7 and jitter delay 8, audio packet 20 using the AT&T 308 air card. Works great on SSB and CW both.

Tom, the devil is in the details, believe me. A triple check of everything won't be enough, trust me - hi! Keep at it, Mate...

73 John K7FD

General discussion forum / Re: 1258MK II and CTR500 For Sale
« on: 2011-09-09, 15:33:26 »

Have you tried the USB air card in a laptop and verified that it does indeed connect to the cloud? I'd do this first. Who knows, maybe the first time it installs the firmware based application on the laptop and might be doing some kind of first time authentication and registering your device with AT&T??

I used my air card with my laptop first. It wasn't until later that I purchased a 3G router and tried the air card...

73 John K7FD

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