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Hello guys,
i am using an ic706mk2g at the radio site connected to a rrc-1258mkii. The front panel from the ic706mk2g ist connected to the second rrc-1258mkii at my home. All works great via internet. I want to use now a Micro pc client to control the radio from my computer on various qths. It seems that this does not work, because the radio is off. Is there a possibility to switch the radio on with the micro pc client or using hrd? Can this be done with the front panel attached remotely at my home qth and not connected direct to the radio.
Andreas, DL5MGD

problems solved.
The problem was the IC706 itself
In the initial set mode (number 36 CI-V TRN) the setting was "on"; strange behaviour. I changed this to "off" and all is working fine.


i installed a ci-v cable at the remote side today.
Computercontrol is not working as before and at my control panel i can only power up the trcvr, so that i can hear stations; i can tune with the tune knob but i do not have any signs at my display, the display ist black.
Big problems now, bigger than before.

Hello all,
I am using an Icom706Mk2g with the control panel here in my shack and the trcvr at the remoteside 30 km away. All is working fine. Now I want to connect from my shack with HRD to the trcvr at the remote side. I am using the USB connector in the shack and told the control panel to use com2 and to activate usb as com 2.
What do ihave to do at the trcvr side? Do i need special cabling at the trcvr end?
Thanks a lot!!!

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