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Thanks Mike,
using WS at the remote side for antenna selection and will fed the bus via CI-V Interface and RCC 1258 COM2 to the control side to use it with WSJT-X for frequency control
The program does not ask for any CI-V adress.... so I can keep it as you mentioned before

73, Hans

Configuration, Webswitch 1216H / 1216H CI-V configuration
« on: 2017-03-06, 15:02:24 »
From where I can get the value for the second configuration row  = "e1" ; first row "48" is the CI-V adress of my IC706 used for automatic antenna selection

Function Type                       = '4'
ICOM CI-V/XK2000 Transc. Addr.(hex) = '48'
ICOM CI-V/XK2000 Contr. Addr.(hex)  = 'e1'

73, Hans

General discussion forum / Re: CI-V Interface
« on: 2016-07-30, 13:56:48 »
ok...many thanks ....73, Hans

General discussion forum / Re: CI-V Interface
« on: 2016-07-30, 10:37:27 »
you are welcome Mike !
 but there is no information how to connect both : 1332 CI-V togeather with the automatic antenna selection of the webswitch 1216H
is it possible to connect both in parallel ?

73, Hans

General discussion forum / CI-V Interface
« on: 2016-07-29, 13:45:00 »
I am using the CI-V port from my IC 7100  togeather with the Webswitch 1216H for an automatic antenna selection at the remotelocation.
How would it be possible to use the new CI-V Interface also to get the informations to the control side ?

gm Mike,

tnx fr quick reply I have to put in JMP2 to get 8V for the IC7100 and all ( JMP1 - JMP5 ) are in the same configuration as for IC706

73 de Hans, DK3PZ

I will change from IC706 to IC 7100 and saw in the manual page 23 that for all ICOM radios JMP2 is used

Control-RRC only: JMP-2 is placed near the back of the RRC next to the RESET button. JMP-2
is used to select if the DC-power to the front panels should be 8 or 9 V. With the strap in
place it will be 8V, which fits all ICOM radios. Without the strap the voltage will be 9V, which
fits Kenwood TS-480 and RC-2000 panels that need 9V for the back-lighter.

Page 108 shows : NO JMP2 for ICOM IC 7100

Is it ok or a mistake ?

General discussion forum / Re: Data Abort
« on: 2016-01-04, 17:07:26 »
Hi Jan...thanks ... will wait for the update....TU , 73, Hans

General discussion forum / Re: Data Abort
« on: 2016-01-03, 08:37:11 »
Hi Jan,
tnx fr reply; working with
RRC1258-CRC-v2.87_2015-08-26 ; but it happened alsio from time to time with Version 2.86 before

Got also message Data Abort at 0x0004ae30  called 0x0004ae2c

after hours of stable working......73, Hans

General discussion forum / Data Abort
« on: 2016-01-02, 14:26:24 »
Data Abort
0x0004a8a4  called by 0x0004a8a0
It happened from time to time and the connection (IC706) stopped; what does it mean ?

73, Hans

Hi Mike and Mitch,
tnx fr quick answer.
fritzbox is equipped with RJ45 at the DSL input; it is very useful because you can take a cat6 cabel for the connection which is much better than the original line cable. A cableoffer from your side would be fine to keep the length as short as possible ! 73, Hans

For AVM Fritz!Box I have to use PIN 4 and 5 from RJ45 for the DSL Signal.
Is there a strapping area for configuration inside of the filter box ? 73, Hans

General discussion forum / Re: webswitch 1216H malfunktion
« on: 2012-10-04, 12:29:17 »
Thank you for quick it is solved and working fine....73, Hans

General discussion forum / webswitch 1216H malfunktion
« on: 2012-10-04, 11:15:11 »
Vers. 2.8 was working fine since Sept., 19th as Remote Control for Power Supply and Antenna Selection of the Remote Station of mine.
Since today I have the following malfunktion: After Login I choose "Set Relays" and appox. 2 sec later I was routed to "" same happens at all other positions.....always routing to; that makes operating nearly impossible.
I tryed Reset of the Webswitch as well as Reset of the Router (FritzBox) without any success
I am operating via internet; I did not examine the Webswitch in LAN because it is too far away ;-)
Any idea ? TNX Hans, DK3PZ

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