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Hi Webswitch forum,

has anybody else faced need to control NEXA switches on HAM firmware version?

1.) it would be great to have few NEXA controls available in HAM version, to reboot/reset some remote station devices.

2.) Secondly, im aware of using Webswitch as automatic antenna switch based on Serial comm with radio... but due to many other devices needs serial cat, it would be nice feature if CAT could be connected also same way as in AS1269 per IPaddress. Any chance?

br and best 73s

General discussion forum / Newest bootloader files?
« on: 2019-06-22, 13:17:03 »
from which path i can find latest bootloaders and their history?

I can find latest 4.xx firmwares from below link... but newer than 4.27 needs later than 1.13 bootloader.



I have TWIN with pair of ft5ks... radio site at OH6 and control site at HL1... latency is varying 250-350ms.

While tuning faster bands (meaning 10kHz per sec) then audio starts cutting (like noise, on very short disconnections and fast freq , noticing in audio) and if i keep still tuning fast, total disconnection happens... so that on control end power led goes off and starts blinking and control unit will re-create connection.

Does anybody noticed same behavior? im considering this as connection bandwidth issue?
I have RXbuffer value on 4 and delay on 3 per standard.

It does same with two different Control units, which SW is 2.75 and HW 8.


has anybody easy instructions for FT8 implementation for Twin-Yaesu setup?


Hello Remoterig-Gang!

Im back in business with my remote-setup, as i have been qrt for over 2 years due to moving cottage station qth to another location in OH6 Finland and having Control qth here in HL1 Seoul. Feels so Great to be back  :)

My Twin setup is based on RRC1258MKIIs and FT5Ks and there is about typically 200-300ms latency - not bad at all, of course VFO control has some delay, but ears, brains and hand will adapt to delay pretty easily.

Im actually returning back to the problem i had back in May2015. Im running log, CAT based on N1MM (now +) and Radios (twin) communication goes via COM2 and CAT of N1MM+ is connected to COM1.

The challenge i have, is related to N1MM+ bandmap frequency behavior... typically its really slow (delayed) and follows actual VFO (Control) very slowly when same time VFO (station) is following per short delay / latency (no problem). Also for time to time the CAT to N1MM+ is getting very unstable, meaning it zig-zags up and down, although VFOs have tuned long time ago to DX freq... and might take 10-20secs to stop... or sometimes not stopping at all. Im using Samsung 9xxx series laptop with ATEN UC232A (Ftdi circuit) USB to serial adapter. Driver is ok per computer.

First of all, does anybody else have similar "symptoms"?
I remember that studied before QRT period that could it be Laptops Switching power supply, which could cause some interference to serial... if i remember correctly, that time it helped for temporary to use with battery only but behavior returned to same soon (so i couldnt prove interference issue).

All ideas for finding root cause are welcome!

Anyway, great to be back to bands - we have here in Seoul city center very bad wide band (1-50MHz) man made QRM so without remoterig, i couldnt be on the bands from HL1-home.

73s and thanks for ideas




R.FLT selection works great 300/600/3k... but  e.g.  VFO A Width control doesnt work on pair of ft5k?



General discussion forum / TWIN Can Yaesu FT5K control FT2K?
« on: 2015-03-01, 06:40:21 »
Hi "Remoters",

In Twin Yaesu, Manual says that ft2k can control ft5k, but how about the other way?


Hi, i just got my TWIN setup working and running... so i was testing it on Russian DX contest. I faced upon problem after sometime playing... issue disappears and comes again. Have anybody has similar problems

Setup is on remote side
SAMSUNG N900 Air Laptop with N1MM ver V13.9.1
USB RS adapter ATEN UC232A, FTDI chip + original Remoterig cable connected COM1 of RRC
ftdx5000 with latest Firmware connected to COM2 of RRC
RRC versions are V7

I have been using remote setup over 2 years based on other setup, with this computer, USB adapter... without any CAT problem.
Now N1MM is giving "Radio Sent Invalid CAT data" feedback after some time operation. Another feature is that when stopping VFO during this period, N1MM frequency on bandmap and logging window is fading back and further... up and down, and due to this pre-logged station will disappear from feeding field on logging window....

Strange thing is, that if going to N1MM "Configuration" and reconfirming settings, system works fine again sometime... but problem re-occurs again. Sometimes problem is disappearing by itself without reset, restart or re-configuration.

All ideas are welcome


Radio and N1MM has

HNY 2014 to All Remote Users!

Has anybody else faced similar problems? 
1.) connection works GREAT between units on General Yaesu Mode4 = both LEDs ON/ audio goes thru and CAT 38400,8,1 CAT is working with e.g. N1MM ..., BUT
2.) When changing both units to Yaesu Twin mode 10, connection is not created automatically... and/or when changing remote unit to Auto-connect , once  this triggers connection shortly and it blinks shortly connection LEDs and connected radio ft5000 goes either ON or OFF + CAT led on radio blinks as well.

Testing  setup has Local LAN switch 10/100, using RRC HW V7 and lastest FW 2.75... i also tested with 2.66 just in case but result is same. Below some info of  settings.
I have also tried to connect my existing & working / second remote RRC unit to radio unit and behavior is same.

Name   Value
Company   Microbit
Product   1258
PID   4
Version   7
HW   8
Software   2.75
Bootloader   1.10
Compiler   4.6.2
Build   Oct 31 2013 16:36:10

IP address

UDP cmd port   12000
UDP audio port   11000
SIP port   5060
Web server port   80
Telnet server port   8023

All ideas are welcome... and ask more settings data if i missed some !! thanks for reading.


Introduction says that supports only newer models of Yaesu radio CAT protocols... Coming to OH6 and want to do it on single visit  ;)


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