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General discussion forum / TS-480 and TM-710
« on: 2014-09-16, 22:43:46 »
Hi all in the forum! Can I use TM-710 front panel to control TS-480 using RRC-1258MKII???

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Prosistel D cabling
« on: 2014-08-20, 17:26:35 »
Hi all, I will build a homemade cable to control my Prosistel D rotator. Ho can help me with connections? I've found some info at this link ( but I don't know what is the sequence on the white connector on the webswitch...

Hi friends, bought some days ago my second RRC-1258MkII to use with another TS-480SAT.
I would know if I can use the 1258 at the client side connected with Ham Radio Deluxe.
That will be very helpful to manage the contacts with Ham Radio Logbook.

If is possible someone can explain me wich cables I need and how to setup on the web UI ?

Thanks so much.


Hi guys, just received some weeks ago a Webswitch 1216H and the RCU-1216. I need to connect the rotator card to a Hy Gain Ham IV. Who can help me? I'm in trouble with brake wires!Here we are some pics of my control box wiring.

Thanks and best 73's


General discussion forum / Remote a TS-480 SAT & CO
« on: 2012-10-25, 01:08:49 »
Hi all folks! I'm looking to remote my TS-480 SAT with Prosistel rotator. Who can help me with the stuff to order?
The antenna site 2 is in my father's hause at 2km from my QTH. Due to the traditional DSL latency (100ms) I'm connected straight with a Wi-Fi link with Mikrotik and Ubiquiti equipment and now the maximum latency is 3ms.
What I need to buy to remote the Rig and rotator?

Thanks in advance.


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