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I am having trouble with a new install of Webswitch and 1216L.  I installed it about a month ago and has been working  fine right from start until this morning.
Yesterday we were hit with very high winds in excess of 110kmph. There were some power "bumps" in the remote site area during the wind storm.

This morning the yagi will not turn.  I could see on the Rotator page some movement off the resting position NORTH when I ask for the antenna to point EAST or WEST.  The Rotator indicator was resting at NORTH which is the direction of the antenna.  However during one of my attempts to turn the yagi the Rotator on screen indicator jumped to 162 degrees as I was looking at it.  That is where it is resting now.

When I scan for 1-wire devices the Webswitch reports that no devices are connected to BUS A.
--1-wire devices
--No BUS-A 1-wire devices found!

However I can see the 1216L in the SYSTEM INFO Pge of the Webswitch seen below.  Is this what I should be seeing or  is there and inconsistency.?
-Company   Microbit
-Product   1216H WebSwitch
-Model   HAM
-Software   4.23
-Hardware   2
-Bootloader   1.10
-Build   Nov 3 2015 09:01:45
-1216L   HW >= 5, FW 5
-S/N   2975
-PID   4
-Uptime   0 Days, 1 Hours, 30 Mins, 8 Secs
-RFC2217   Disabled due to rotator in use

Has the 1216L been disconnected from the Webswitch?  -or- has it gone defective? --Is that why the scan shows no devices and the rotator indicator  indicator jumped to 162 as I was looking at it.?  In the past when I have turned off the WebSwitch power supply the Rotator indicator has gone to approximately this position.  The power is on for both the Webswitch and the Rotator box but there is absolutely no sign that the rotator is trying to turn the antenna.

Can anyone shed any light on what I am seeing?....will be travelling to the site tomorrow for a first hand look.

Frank VO1HP

I have three temperature sensors collecting Temp data at my remote site.  All working successfully running in parallel on BUS B in parasitic power mode.  Does web switch store in memory any on the data points collected?  Is it possible to collect data points automatically for future offline display on a time graph?

Frank VO1HP

I am successfully using WebSwitch 1216H and RCU 1216L to control my Ham IV rotator.  I especially like the PRESETS ...very convenient!     

Question:   Is it possible to have Ham IV scale pictures implemented in the WebSwitch web page to replace the circular scale that is currently available?

Frank VO1HP

General discussion forum / WebSwitch 1216H Initial Setup
« on: 2018-09-29, 21:07:30 »
I purchased a 1216H three years ago and didn't use it.  I have a RCU1216L on the way and now want to configure the WebSwitch unit.  Where do I find the initial setup procedure for the Webswitch 1216H?   O looked carefully on the website but cant find it there.  PLease advise

Frank VO1HP

Something has changed on my computer within last few days. 
When I browse to my Control box IP and click on any page except INFO I am presented with a LOG IN  box.
I can access the INFO page with out issue.  Any other page will bring up the LOGIN box telling me that AUTHENTICATION is required
and that the server at the RRC box IP connection is not private.

I changed the IP using MICROBIT manager to a fixed IP for testing but still same issue .  Now have  RRC setback to DHCP.

I recently started hosting a remote station RR box for a friend and I can access that box without issue all pages. 

Any direction on where to look?

Frank VO1HP

I have been using TRX Manager and RRC Micro on my HP laptop successfully to use my K3 remote while away travelling.  Successfully used this combo to work TM100VIMY from my remote while I was an opeartor at that station in Vimy France in March this year.  TRX Manager has a very realistic looking K3 front panel

I am interested in setting up the configuration to use WSJT-X for FT8 mode.  I have the setup working to a degree in that I am successfully decoding signals using WSJT-X v1.8 using a VAC from RRC Microbit to  WSJT-X.   However how to do rig control to read freq and mode and control PTT.?   COM 2 is already in use by RRC Microbit....I tried WSJT-X wth K3 radio config and COM 1 and 0  but that doesn't work.

Can I use a serial port splitter software to have two application (RRC Microbit and WSJT-X) access COM2 simultaneously?  or is there some other way?

Frank VO1HP

General / NANO ...what is BT?
« on: 2017-01-25, 16:10:21 »
I really like the  NANO app (Elecraft) & use it to check into local net on 3740khz....

1.  What is the BT selection box for ?  Bluetooth? ...have played with it in car but doesn't do anything? 

2. The app works great around the house on Wifi but when I go to the car it have to turn Wifi on the phone off in order to connect via cell data network.
Is that the way it is supposed to work? phone is old old Galaxy S3.

Frank VO1HP

General / Download Link??...where is it.
« on: 2017-01-21, 19:33:34 »
Last night I purchased a Nano license and downloaded the new version from the Play Store.   My invoice says there is a download link valid until November but where is the link??

The APP is working perfectly for me right now with my K3 remote....and there is a license ID on the connect page.

So is that it?..... do I need to do anything else?

Frank VO1HP

Feature Requests / Fixed audio level for digital modes
« on: 2017-01-21, 02:52:09 »
Develop feature to transport LINE OUT / LINE IN  audio from/ to  the remote K3 - back to the control point for digital modes JT65. Jt9 etc.   So as to eliminate using SPKRS AND MIC jack on K3 mini.

Frank vo1hp

The WAN IP Address of my remote modem changes frequently for some reason.  Don't know if it is initiated by the modem or by the network.

When that happens the SIP address in the RADIO Settings panel of the Home control RR Box does track or change to the new IP address at the remote......resulting in failed login.  My procedure is to use Teamviewer to access the remote PC and query the remote router using to discover its new WAN IP address and then manually enter it into the Radio Settings panel back at the Home station RR box.

Is this what I should be doing or am I missing something??

Frank VO1HP

I have a K3 remote and have added a KAT500 (there is no KPA 500 - yet).  I thought I needed  E850463 cable and Y adapter cable to allow the K3 to control the KAT500.  I installed the cables but have discovered that the K3 will not turn on.  If I turn it on manually the remote control works fine.

The RR Box cable is plugged into the ACC connector with a DB15M connector that only has three wires in it according to the diagram,  That cable runs to the IO port on the RR box --- one of the three wires is pin 8 which is the pin that takes a  ground to power on  the K3.  A Y splitter is needed to allow connection of the KAT500 and the RR Box to the  K3 ACC connector at the same time.   

The Y cable purchased from Elecraft has a VGA designation on the label and I have verified that there is no continuity from Pins 8 in each female end to the male end  ..   I checked the E850463 cable and there is no connection on PIN 8 between the male and female DB15 connectors!.... So the Elecraft Y cable and E850463 cable  are  NOT compatible with the RR box and the KAT500 combo.  There is no pin 8 connection to facilitate remote turn on/off the K3.

I will need to wire up my own plug it seems.

Still working on understanding how to use the features of the RR units.  Are there any application notes or basicinfo on how to use the TTL feature of the Radio RR Box.  Using a K3 Mini here and remote K3

Frank VO1HP

While remote K3 radio is ON and functioning the STATUS page at remote RR box show radio status OFF.  Why does it show as OFF when radio is actually ON.?   Is that the normal indication ??...STATUS will say OFF when radio is ON and also change?  I had not noticed this previously ...

Also what is the purpose of the DISCONNECT button?  .. on this page when the radio is actually ON but status shows radio as OFF...

Same DISCONNECT button is not at CONTROL status page.


Name   Value
Radio   OFF
Connection status   OK
SIP status   Connected/transfering
Last SIP error   None
RTP status   Excellent(60)

General discussion forum / K3 Remote No SSB Power Out
« on: 2016-01-11, 10:57:47 »

For some reason I have no power output on SSB...using K3 mini with remote K3 and RR Boxes. 
I have rPNL.H BIAS selected and MIC GAIN at 12.   SSB was working and I have not changed anything in past couple of days.   Headset CM-500  plugged into the SPKRS and MIC jack on the side of the K3.   Also have Heil...same issue.
Last night I tried to work JT65 on 160 and could not get any output. 
Full power ok on Cw.  Receiver audio sounds normal.   
If I use the audio files in M1-M4 all is normal and they play and I get RF out.

K3 Utility tells me that FL1 FRQ is -.77   also same on the CONFIG menu ....I have not changed  that setting but I have seen a few posts elsewhere that claim if the OFFSET is "off" too much there will be no SSB power out.

When I turn on the MONITOR and press XMIT I can faintly hear my audio like in a barrel.  So the mike works...

Anyone have any clues as to what is going on?

We are in Ottawa for Xmas and have  K3 mini with me.   Using a strong wifi signal in the house and am connected to the network.  I have a web cam at my remote site in VO1 land and I can see that the K3 turns on but after a few seconds turns off again and I get the audible alarm here at control end.   Also have flashing yellow light on the AUX/MIC jack....the  connection does not complete.

Have not tried hard wired Ethernet connection here as there is no jack in the furnace room!!

What do I look for on the router here assuming I can get into the menu....can anyone help ....just here for a few days.

Frank VO1HP

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