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I cannot get RR-Client to work.

RR Client (1.9.2) w/1274A interface

- Matched RTP/UDP audio port to what's on the 1258
- Matched RTP/UDP command port to what's on the 1258
- RX jitter size= 4 (same as 1258)
- RX jitter delay = 3 (same as 1258)
- Packet Size = 20 (same as 1258)
- RRC COM 0 and 1 = inactive
- RRC COM 2 = 4- Kenwood, COM2

At this stage I make sure that the TS-480 control head is turned off (not active)

RR Client = Connect
Audio bar flashes GREEN every half second or so, RTP is green and RRC flashes red/green at the same rate as the audio bar.

Accessing the remote 1258 control port I see that Connection Status is "faulty". UDP command status (0) error (which seems right as HRD is not connected)

I start HRD (current and licensed). It's configured as follows:

- Company = Kenwood
- Radio = TS-480
- COM 2 at 9600 bps (as set in the radio and in COM 1 and COM 2 in the 1258) - Note that in the remote 1258 COM 0 is set to 57600. Now just for kicks I tried 57600 on COM 2 and COM 3.
- Flow control / Interface power = CTS unchecked, DTR unchecked, RTS checked (tried all OFF and different configurations)
- Fails w/HRD error message =  "Make sure your radio is switched ON and not in memory mode" <--Also failed reading frequency "0".

Seems like the radio doesn't turn ON.

What I have tried:

- In RR Client COM 0 and COM 1
- In HRD changed from COM 2 to COM 1, and even tried COM 3
- Confirmed that the Virtual COM ports installed with RR Client are OK

I must be missing something very basic here ... what would that be???

Normal setup: Pair of RR-1258 connected to my remote TS-480SAT
- Software   2.86
- Bootloader   1.10
- Compiler   4.6.2
- Build May 28 2015 11:12:06

RR-Client: Current (downloaded). I have the 1274A w/headset. It's recognized on the laptop.

Laptop: Windows 7 Pro x64 (up to date) <-- This is the laptop I use
Internet connection: FTTH (fiber) 1Gbps U/D - Via 802.11AC Wi-Fi I have ~400 Mbps U/D for all these tests

Operating the remote system using the TS-480 control head on my Windows 10 based ham radio computer is fine. It's been working great since day one.

As I will be on a multi-week \business trip and I want to be able to use the laptop + HRD + 1274A + Client to operate my remote station.

          I have a pair of RR1258 MKII devices for my remote base (Kenwood TS480SAT) and all is working fine. However, when I finally tried to use RR Micro (I bought the HW interface and downloaded the current software, rev 1.70), I get the error message that “No such host is known”.

          - I followed the instructions from the RR website.
          - Note that I use DynDns w/port forwarding being that my remote cable modem is Dynamic. So I tried the following:
          - <DynDns address>:<port>  (ex. resulting in the error.
          - Then I tried the direct IP (ex. “111.222.333.444:999”) with the same error.

          My dual RR1258 MKII setup which works fine, uses port 5065 for SIP, 11000 for Audio and 12000 for CMD, so I configured RR Micro with the same parameters.

          By the way, my local RR is not connected to the remote RR when I try to use RR Micro.

          I am open to suggestions as I am certain that I missed one small item somewhere :-)

I need some help in setting-up the RR-1274A in order to be able to use a laptop to remotely run my TS-480SAT.

Note that the system is connected via a pair of 1258-MKII devices and the radio works just fine from my home-based TS-480 control-head & RR-1258 combo.

- The TS-480SAT is connected to the radio's 1258-MKII front COM port via a direct DB9 cable

- I installed RR-Micro and it's working fine.

- Three virtual COM ports appear on the Windows XP laptop: COM 1, 2 and 3. All show that they are associated to "Microbit Virtual COM Port"

- Configured RR-Micro to connect to the RR-1258-MKII and it works (bottom green bar 1/3 up, activity LEDs are OK)

- TS-480SAT 's COM port is set to 9600 8,N,1

- Configured RR-Micro on COM 1, mode 4 (Kenwood), COM PORT: 1  (I also tried TERMINATOR to 00 as it's on the RR-Radio box). COM 0 and COM 2 remain inactive

- I connect to the remote MKII and as noted above, RTP is green, RRC flashed w/activity and Speaker is 1/3 green

- I start the Kenwood ACRP-480 application

- Then under the CONTROL | SETUP, I select COM 1 and 9600 BAUD, TX control DTS (also tried PTT) Kenwood Network Command is NOT checked

- When I click on "CON" to connect, the indicator turns yellow then I get a pop-up message "An unknown device is connected to COM 1 or the BAUD rate doesn't match... etc.)

 - I tried different settings but to no avail.

So I need some help... I am certain that the problem is obvious to someone out there :-)

OK... I have the 1216L-5 configured but when it was time to connect it to the Ham-IV rotator control (analog), I encountered a dilemma.

The BRAKE release line controlled by switch S3 is NOT available on the rear terminal. The 8 screw terminals on the back are CW (5), CCW (6), PWR (2), GND (1), POT+ (3), POT- (7), Capacitor (4) and Capacitor (8')... 4 & 8 are not connected to the 1216L

I would like to see how those of you who use the Ham-IV rotator connected your 1216L to the control box.

Looking at the schematic, it seems as if I need to open the controller box and solder two wires to the BRAKE switch (S3) and bring them out. This is the only way I can see how we can activate the BRAKE release switch.

Am I missing something here?

I need some assistance with my 1216H Webswitch and my 1216L. My goal is to use this to remotely manage a HAM-IV rotator.

At this stage, I have no rotator connected as I am getting familiar on how to configure this at home before a live setup, so my connections are only the Ethernet cable, the USB cable, the DC power (both devices) and the BUS-A 1-wire connection (which is really two wires, “BUS –A” and “0” per the online diagram)

•   Connected +12Vdc to the 1216H

•   Connected the USB cable and configured the 1216H
           I updated the F/W in the 1216H Webswitch to 4.0 (Ham use)

•   I then connected the 1216L to the 1216H per the on-line diagram
      Power in parallel
          1216H #9 “BUS-A” to 1216L 1-W “+“
      1216H #10 “0” to 1216L 1-W “-”

•   When I power the system, the green LED on the 1216L blinks fast then settles @ around 1/second

•   I then connect to the 1216H via my browser (Ethernet cable from router).

•   I followed the instructions regarding “ham mode”, set some rotator controls, etc. BUT it doesn’t work!

•   Problem: When I scan for 1-Wire devices on BUS A, it always says “No Bus-A 1-wire devices found!”
            The 1216H does not seem to see the 1216L-5

So essentially, it seems like the 1216H cannot see the 1216L-5 even though the green LED is flashing at 1/second on the 1216L-5. BUT... On the “System Info” page of the 1216H, it shows "1216L HW >=5, FW 5", which seems to say that it does see the 1216L (which is confusing as it can't find it when scanning BUS-A)

So please help me out here… what am I missing???

Please have a look at the diagram on (W4AFK, bottom of the page)

- TS-480SAT located at remote site w/RR radio
- Control head at my home w/RR Control
- Connection via cable modem... all works fine (most of the time)

The problem: There are times when I can connect to the radio, manage it and receive audio. However, when I go to TX, there is no power output and no TX audio. In most cases, the problems goes away by itself but it could take hours or minutes.

What I have done so far:
- Power cycled the RR control box
- Power cycled the router and cable modem

When I check the status of the RR device, I see no errors (SIP, etc.) and everything matches the screen dumps I made when I configured the system (always good to be able to compare).

Any ideas on diagnosing the problem would be very helpful.

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