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General discussion / radio switching on and off continuously
« on: 2013-11-12, 18:13:09 »
I am considering buying the RRC Client so downloaded the trial version.
When I connect to the Radio RCC (which is connected to a FT-857) the radio is switched on and off continuously in a rapid way. How can I remedy this situation?
Miles PA3CVV

General discussion forum / Using output to cotrol psu relay
« on: 2013-09-15, 16:10:42 »
About working with the FT-857 the manual says:

“You must install a remote controlled switched so you can switch off the 13,8V power to the radio. For example a Webswitch 1216H, or a GSM Switch, If you do no use all outputs on the RRC-1258 you can use one of the outputs to control a relay which can switch off the 13.8V power to the Radio.”

Does anybody have experience with that last option (using an RRC output to switch the radio's psu off and on). I would be very much interested how people have done this.

Thanks and 73

In the manual and on this forum I have come across the dire warning:
Do NOT enter anything in the external IP/host field! Yet my the external address of my router has spontaneously appeared in this field, I think after I for the first time managed to access my radio from an outside location? (which, by the way, was a magical occasion). So what do I do? Leave it, or heed the warning and remove it?

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