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I had a working setup using my Kenwood TS 590s driven by the Kenwood ARCP through the RRC micro. But it has stopped working (I think as part of upgrading all the software to the latest versions -- Windows 10, ARCP 2.02 and RRC Micro to the latest. The RRC micro will easily connect to my remote station but the Kenwood software does not see the available com ports... so it refuses to connect such that I can turn on and operate the radio. Ideas anyone?

Is anyone successfully using the current ARCP and RRC micro connection? What are your settings and tricks?



I have everything working well with an 857 running with the remote head on mode 15. I see that yo can get Kenwood radios to run N1MM in such a set up. Is there a way to do this with the 857. It would need to respond to the detached head, but report frequency back through a second serial channel I suspect.


General discussion forum / TS-590s and Kenwood ARCP
« on: 2013-10-15, 21:53:31 »
Just a note to anyone who might be interested. I have got the TS 590S running remote using the Kenwood ARCP program. The control program controls every aspect of the radio and does it extremely efficiently. HRD does not provide the same functionality or speed. So if you have the TS 590 I highly recommend trying the (free) ARCP download.

My initial experimentation was using a Yaesu 857 with the remote head . That was easy but wasn't all the radio I wanted (no tuner, no receive antenna etc.) The 590S with ARCP is just as responsive... really a very nice solution.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Possible Error Setup for Kenwood
« on: 2013-10-04, 01:15:23 »
The Guide Setup for Kenwood in General in the Radio Settings shows Auto Connect set to No. I can only make everything work with this set to Yes. This opens the channel to the radio for the rest of the connection to be made.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Setup for Fixed IP Remote
« on: 2013-10-02, 21:00:27 »
My remote location will have a fixed IP. When I get the IP data from my 4G router I see the following:

IP Address:
DNS Servers:,

If I do an ipconfig query on my computer hooked to this router I see what look to be LAN info:

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Now I am anything but a networking guy. All this is new to me.

What set of numbers do I put where in the radio unit to set up for the remote operation. And what if anything do I nave to change since the assumed set up seems to be to use a Dynamic IP?

So far I have everything working fine on my home LAN, but I need to get the remote part of this worked out.

I received my Remote Rig boxes today and have everything working with my 857 EXCEPT that if I tune at all rapidly I lose connection tot he radio and need to turn it off and back on to reestablish the connection. If I tune abnormally slowly I can maintain the connection. I suspect there is a baud setting incompatibility... the RemoteRig boxes are set to 64000 baud rate, the radio CAT setting is 38400, but I also understand that the remote head normally connects at a different speed than the CAT connection. Any ideas how to keep the radio connected? I believe I have everything configured as in the manuals.

I have a remote location so remote that it is out of the service coverage area of most internet providers. However I do have good Verizon 3G coverage... 119 mS latency, Download speeds of about 750 Kbps and upload of about 500 Kbps. The issue is that my network Guru says I need a publicly addressable IP address... fixed if at all possible. Apparently this is tough/impossible with Verizon. But don't know for sure.

I am about to set up a remote station at my mountain top cabin which I have previously used as a contest location. I am concerned about leaving my absolute best gear in line because I have a lot of lightning issues (K3, Alpha 9500) so I am going to take a walk before you run approach. I have several older radios that I want to start with... a simple set up at first. I could use a Kenwood TS 590S (probably my first choice) an Icom 7600 or an older TT Omni VI. Are any of these going to be the better choice? I would use HRD for rig control. The Kenwoods always seem to have the most robust rig control set up. But the 590s does use a USB CAT connection rather than the older style Kenwood RS232. Can I use a USB connection to the RemoteRig box? Also the Kenwood has in internal sound card... will that still function in the remote set up?

Aside from having several Alpha Delta lightning protection devices in line is there a simple way to remotely disconnect antennas? I see the 10 position antenna switch as somewhat attractive there, but I want to get a basic setup running before I add all that complexity.

Do people leave the power supply on, or switch it on/off remotely? How?

Thanks for answering a newbie,


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