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General discussion / RRC Micro-Client on Windows 8.1
« on: 2014-03-24, 18:21:31 »

On my DELL XPS 12 Ultrabook the RRC Micro-Client 1.6.12 won't run.
OS Windows 8.1

The following message appears only:
Der Wert darf nicht NULL sein.:    bei System.Threading.Monitor.ReliableEnter(Object obj, Boolean& lockTaken)   bei Microbit.MbLogger.Send(String message, Boolean force)   bei Microbit.MbLogger.SendError(String message)   bei Microbit.NetworkInterfaceSelector._init()   bei Microbit.NetworkInterfaceSelector..ctor()   bei Microbit.Main.InitializeComponent()   bei Microbit.Main..ctor()   bei Microbit.Program.Main()

Removing and new Installation does't help.

Waldemar, HB0WR

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