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General discussion forum / RCU 1216L
« on: 2017-08-12, 22:44:47 »
Is it possible to get a RCU 1216L repaired?  Faulty 1216L does not respond to 1-wire port.  New replacement 1216L works FB.
Perhaps problem is PIC processor.  Is a replacement processor (programmed of course) available that I can solder on to faulty 1216L?  Surface mount soldering is OK at this QTH.
TNX, 73   Pete AG7C

General discussion forum / AS-1289 and RCU-1216L
« on: 2014-12-05, 17:04:19 »
Can the RCU-1216L Rotator control Unit be connected to the AS-1289 Antenna Switch logic board?


I just received my new AS-1289 Ant Switch.
Seems to work FB.  Very nice addition to the remote shack.
2 issues were noted, however:

 1. With no antennas connected, only the transceiver connected on COM and the AS-1289 powered up, a lot of RF hash noise is conducted on the COM coax to the transceiver.   By making sure the AS-1289 logic board is grounded to the case, the noise on RX is gone and all TX tests good with under 100 watts TX on different antennas and also a dummy load.

 2. There is a trace on the top of the logic board which is is much too close to the underside of a mounting screw head.  Could be a problem if the soldermask gets scraped away and the mounting screw head contacts the pcb trace.


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