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General discussion forum / default username and password
« on: 2017-12-02, 20:39:13 »
Hi, I am setting a new RR 1258 MKII Control via IP
It wants a username and a password to begin.
Anyone knows default username and password?
Thank you, 73

Hi!  In web switch 1216H Is possible to look position relais and the 2 temperatures simultaneous ?  In only one image?
Thank you, 73
Franco IK4ADE

Hi, I have dayted a web wwitch 1216H (that I no use as automatic switch antennas) at the software 4.2. At the top now is writen "Current Frequency:0 KHz". What is this? Is possible to erase? In this version after the click mouse the signs ON OFF are later.
TNX, 73  Franco

Is possible to have 10 relays by two 1216H web switches (main and slave) and 2 temperature sensors?
Temperature sensors are connected in BUS A and in BUS B. The internal temperature sensor is connected in BUS A (connections 9 and 10) where there are the connections between 1216H main and 1216H slave. Is ok this parallele connection?
TNX, 73 Franco IK4ADE

General discussion forum / linear amplifier 1000JXX144
« on: 2013-07-03, 21:51:55 »
Anyone can to say to me how to remote vhf linear amplifier 1000JXX144 by RRC-1258MkII?
If I put  the same COM1 or COM2 configuration parameters and cables on RS232 as Expert 1K-FA is ok???
Thank you
Franco IK4ADE

General discussion forum / 2M Linear amplifier 1000 by I0JXX
« on: 2012-07-08, 11:56:52 »
Anyone have tested remotized 2m linear amplifier 1000 by I0JXX with remoterig?
73 Franco IK4ADE

General discussion / linear amplifier 1000jxx144
« on: 2012-07-01, 14:33:58 »
Anyone have tested the new 144MHz linear amplifier 1000jxx144 with remoterig?
73 Franco

I have cat circuit connected between TS 480 and linear amplifier Expert 1K-FA, so when I exchange band in TS480 also Expert followes. Is possible in the same time exchange also antennas to antenna  switch 1216H?  If is possible how can I to connect  TS480, Expert and 1216H by 1N4148 ?
Thank you. 73, Franco

General discussion forum / Problems TS-480 and Expert 1K-FA
« on: 2011-09-19, 09:30:39 »
I use since 1 year 1 couple of RRC1258 MKII with TS-2000 (and RC 2000) for V-UHF, on COM 1 and COM 2 there are rotators and all is perfect.
I have also another couple of RRC1258 MKII with TS-480 for HF and on COM 2 a rotator Prosistel D with HRD. TS 480 no works so good as TS2000 system: Many times are latences, no listen more and stops; I must turn off the transceiver and turn on for regular functions.
Last week I have bought a linear amplifier Expert 1K-FA and I have connected it to COM1. The linear amplifier works well but every 2-10 minutes turns off, so I must close the TS480 and turn on it again for to return at the precedent good situation with 1K-FA opened. (NO rfi causes because this problem is also when I receive only).
Anyone can to help me? Thank you. Franco

General discussion / new linear amplifier 2K-FA Expert SPE
« on: 2011-06-04, 07:40:44 »
Hello, the linear amplifier 2K-FA Expert SPE is in commerce. Anyone have tested it with RRC-1258 MKII? This linear amplifier has not RS232 db9 how 1K-FA but USB port. Anyone has tested with a converter RS232-USB? and what model?   73's  Franco

General discussion forum / EXPERT 2K-FA
« on: 2010-07-16, 12:02:09 »
Anyone have tested linear amplifier Expert 2K-FA with remoterig?  This new model has not RS232 but USB. Is possible the comunication with a normal converter rs232-usb?  Thank you. 73 de IK4ADE Franco

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