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General discussion forum / turnon tranceiver
« on: 2017-08-26, 20:28:15 »

I have a question about turning on the tranceiver I work through 4g this works well

Only turning on the tranceiver lasted for me longer than initially about 3 to 4 seconds this was faster at the beginning

Does anyone have a statement for this?

General discussion forum / no connection
« on: 2017-07-17, 18:45:22 »
Hello I have a problem with my rcc 1258mk

I can operate the radio on my home network, but if I enter  in the rcc  my ip address with the correct port then I can not reach my radio

In the router is port 13000 13002 open it has worked but now with a new mobile router and also on the old mobile router I can not reach my radio anyone has any idea


General discussion forum / firmware
« on: 2017-05-17, 20:57:32 »

Hello my question is, must the firmware on both rrc 1258  be equal ,by me it is not
and I can not reach de radio controller

grt bernd

General discussion forum / restart remoterig
« on: 2015-05-30, 19:34:10 »
hello people of the forum
 I have since a few weeks remoterig and it works well. alone, I have a problem when i dont  use the  set number of hours / days , I can not reach the remoterig set. I have the remoterig my home to be switched off/on again. also it sometimes happens that when I turn off  the set that the sound stays on at homesite can someone tell me what i must do??

grt bernd

General discussion forum / ddns
« on: 2015-03-01, 14:38:03 »
Hi I'm new here, my question is about the ddns host

 I selected ddns I see the hostname rrc1258-8574 username and password

 I go check it now at Microbit ddns page there h0yeuxfx not found
 what am I doing wrong

 greetings bernd

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